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Middle Adriatic sailing area

Looking for a family atmosphere or a hot beach where you can party from dusk to dawn? Middle Adriatic sailing area is perfect for you. On the most beautiful islands and clear sea, you will find an ideal destination for yourself! So relax all your senses while sailing along the Middle Adriatic archipelago. Experience Mediterranean scents, tastes, and sounds. Discover and explore untouched nature, meet the local culture and tradition.

Many activities are available on the islands and coastline of Middle Adriatic. Cycling, hiking, kayaking, wine tasting tours, diving tours, and many, many others.

Dalmatia is easily accessible whether you travel by plane or by car. Two international airports are in Dalmatia, in Zadar and Split. In Dalmatia are located the largest marinas on Adriatic and the majority of yacht charter vessels.

The sailing area of Middle Adriatic, known as Dalmatia region, covers the most significant part of Croatian Adriatic. Dalmatia is divided into three sailing archipelagos:

Sailing regions in Dalmatia

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