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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance - Safe and Carefree sailing holidays in Croatia

A part of sailing holidays in Croatia planning is choosing the travel insurance. Choose travel insurance for you and your family and travel safely and peacefully. There is always the possibility for unwanted and unexpected situations. For case of personal injury, loss of luggage, cancellation of travel … be insured.

The ratio of investment in the purchase of travel insurance and benefits in case of activation of the policy is cost effective.

Travel Insurance with UNIQA Osiguranje d.o.o.

Travel insurance is contracted with Insurer – UNIQA osiguranje d.d., Zagreb, Planinska 13 A, PIN: 75665455333;

  • Voluntary health insurance for person during travel and stay abroad and in the Republic of Croatia for foreigners
    The insurance shall cover emergency medical assistance provided due to the occurrence of a sudden illness or accident on the part of the insured person during travel and stay abroad and in the Republic for Croatia to foreigners.
  • Insurance against consequences of accident
    For the purpose of Terms and Conditions, an accident shall mean any sudden event that occurs independently of the Insured person’s will, which affects the body of the insured person mostly externally and suddenly, causing full or partial disability or death of the insured person.
  • Lost Luggage Insurance
    The insurance covers the loss, damage or destruction of luggage during travel (at departure and arrival), as well as during their stay in the travel destination due to traffic accident, natural disasters, explosion, theft, robbery, lost, damage and stealing from the luggage.
  • Trip cancellation or interruption insurance
    The Insurer shall compensate the costs of the travel price in accordance with Article 27 of these Terms and Conditions agreed and paid by the insured person and for which the insured person concluded an insurance contract with the Insurer in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 1 of these Terms and Conditions if the trip cancellation occurred due to any of the reasons listed below, which affected the insured person or any other person connected with them.
  • Private liability insurance
    Pursuant to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the insurance covers civil non-contractual liability of the insured person for damage due to death, bodily injury or damage to health, and damage or destruction of items belonging to third parties.

Travel Insurance Conditions