Check out procedure

Check out procedure

After a great sailing week, it is time to get back at the home port and to do the check-out procedure with charter base staff.

Although your charter period is from Saturday to Saturday, we expect you to come back to the charter base on Friday evening. You are, naturally, allowed to spend the night on board.

However, if you cannot return to the charter base on Friday, you must inform the charter base about it. You must have a valid reason for it. If this should happen, be sure to arrive at the charter base before 8 a.m. so that you can check-out and the yacht could be ready for the following charter.

You must return the yacht at the base with refilled fuel tank, otherwise, you might be charged for fuel charging penalty and missing fuel amount.

During the check-out, you need to hand the boat documents to the charter base staff. The skipper and a member of the charter base staff then check the yacht.

If they find no damages and all the yacht’s inventory intact, the security deposit is returning to you. However, if there are any damages to the yacht, or any of its inventory is missing, charter company will charge the damage from your security deposit.

If you have the early morning flights, we advise you to order the transfer evening before to get to the airport on time.