Bareboat Yacht Charter

All You should know about bareboat yacht charter?

A bareboat yacht charter is a type of yacht rental where a charterer rents a yacht without a crew or any other additional services. Essentially, the charterer or one of his crew becomes the skipper and takes full responsibility for navigating and operating the yacht. Bareboat charters are typically more affordable than crewed charters but require the charterer to have sailing experience and the necessary certifications to operate the yacht. The charterer is also responsible for all aspects of the trip, including navigation, provisioning, and cleaning. This type of charter is perfect for experienced sailors who want the freedom to explore on their own terms.

Why choose Croatia for a bareboat yacht charter?

Perfect sailing area

Thanks to its indented coast, there are over 1000 islands, islets, rocks, and bays on the Adriatic. Most of the islands are not permanently populated during the year. Croatia’s Adriatic archipelago consists of three main regions, northern, central, and southern Adriatic. The North Adriatic is Istria and Kvarner, the Middle Adriatic is north and central Dalmatia (Zadar, Šibenik, Split), and the South Adriatic is south Dalmatia (Dubrovnik).

Bareboat yacht charter in Croatia is an excellent choice for experienced sailors, as well as for beginners. The nearest islands’ distance is about an hour to an hour and a half of sailing, which does not require long and extensive preparation. Sailing in Croatia is considered to be safe. In case of bad weather, you can always berth in a safe harbour on time. Of course, with continuous follow of the weather.

Pleasant weather conditions

The mild and pleasant Mediterranean climate’s influence makes sailing in Croatia and the Adriatic possible throughout the year. Bareboat yacht Charter season is running from April to November. Bareboat sailing is also possible outside this period, noting that most of the vessels are under maintenance and service during the winter. Out of charter season, most of the islands’ facilities, like marinas and restaurants, are closed, but you can berth in the city ports.

Weather conditions for sailing vary by season. Spring and autumn are characterized mainly by north and south winds, while in the summer, the most frequent are western and southwestern winds. In the low season, April, May, and October, prices are much lower, and fewer boats on the sea.


Stupica Bay (Buoy field), Žirje

What qualifications are required for a bareboat charter in Croatia?

The skipper must possess sailing and navigational experience adequate to the boat size and tonnage to charter a bareboat sailing yacht, catamaran, or motorboat in Croatia. Besides experience, it is necessary to have a skipper qualification/license.

In addition to skipper qualification, the VHF license is required. The VHF license can have as well one of the crew members. To check if your license is adequate for a bareboat yacht charter in Croatia, please send us the license scan by email or check the Recognized certificates for operating boats and yachts.

What types of yachts are available for bareboat charter?

Croatia has one of the biggest charter fleets in the world. More than 3000 different types of sailboats, motorboats, catamarans, and yachts are available for rental.

  • Bareboat Sailboats

We offer an extensive choice of bareboat sailboats for charter in Croatia. Sailboat brands from the leading European shipyards, Bavaria, Beneteau, Dufour, Hanse, Jeanneau, Elan.  You can find the right boat in a few steps through our online search engine. You can also send us an inquiry, and we will be happy to present our selection of boats and help you find the right boat for your sailing holiday in Croatia.


Sailboat Dufour 470

  • Bareboat Sail Catamarans

In addition to a large selection of sailboats, Croatia has the largest fleet of bareboat catamarans for charter. Although most clients choose to rent a catamaran with a professional skipper, the vast majority of catamarans are available for a bareboat charter. Catamarans from 40` - 50` are available for bareboat rental and accommodate up to 12 guests. Larger catamaran models are available with a professional skipper or complete crew. The most popular charter catamarans in Croatia: Lagoon, Fountain Pajot, Bali, Nautitech, and Dufour.


Catamaran Lagoon 450 F

  • Bareboat Power Catamarans

Power catamarans are an increasingly popular type of holiday boat on the Adriatic. However, the power catamaran's choice is not comparable to sailing catamarans or sailboats. Therefore, you need to book in time to save a date. The main feature of motor catamarans is that they provide generous comfort and allow quick arrival to the desired destination. The most common power catamarans for rent in Croatia are Fountain Pajot 37-45`, Lagoon and Leopard.


Fountain Pajot MY 37

  • Bareboat Motorboats

When we talk about bareboat motorboats, this refers to smaller boats (RIBs and speed boats) ideal for day trips and cruises and larger vessels that provide accommodation for up to 6 people, up to 12 m in length. In this case, the choice is also quite wide so that everyone can find a suitable vessel.


Motor boat Merry Fisher 895

  • Bareboat Motor Yachts

Motor Yachts are larger motorboats, which provide accommodation for six or more guests and are generally better equipped, providing more space and comfort. Motor Yachts up to 14-15 m can be rented without a crew; a larger and more luxurious yacht charter is possible only with a professional crew.


Motor Yacht Jeanneau Prestige 520

Security deposit & Deposit Insurance

For all bareboat yacht charters in Croatia, the charterer must leave a security deposit at check-in. The amount of the security deposit depends on the size and value of the vessel, typically € 1000-5000. The security deposit is returned at check out entirely if there is no damage to the boat caused by the skipper or his crew. The client can pay the security deposit in cash or by card. The alternative to a security deposit is the insurance of the deposit. This means you will pay a smaller amount - non-refundable and leave the reduced part of the deposit - refundable part. The insurance of the deposit is not available for all charter boats.

It is advisable for each skipper to make skipper insurance with one of the insurance companies. You can apply online for skipper and crew insurance with EIS.  However, even when you have skipper insurance, you will leave a security deposit at check-in. In case of damage settlement, with the proper documentation and invoice, you can get a refund for the paid insurance claim.

Useful Tips for Bareboat Charter

When chartering a bareboat yacht, you take full responsibility as a skipper for yourself, your crew, and the boat. Before sailing out, we recommend planning the sailing itinerary according to the weather forecast and making the food provision. There are markets and shops on all of the inhabited islands in Croatia. Therefore, it is unnecessary to buy groceries in advance for the whole week, for the first two or three days is advisable.

Get inspired for your next bareboat yacht charter in Croatia with our sailing route suggestions.

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