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Crewed Yacht Charter

Guide to Crewed Yacht Charter in Croatia

A crewed yacht charter in Croatia is the most relaxing way to spend unforgettable sailing holidays.

Embark on a sailing adventure like no other as we guide you through the mesmerizing world of crewed yacht charters in Croatia. Indulge in the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, explore historic cities, and experience the epitome of luxury on a crewed yacht.

On board a crewed yacht, you'll enjoy the finest service and feel of staying in a 5-star floating hotel. You can relax, get pampered, and enjoy your journey in total privacy on a crewed yacht.

luxury-crewed-yacht-love-story.jpgLuxury crewed yacht Love Story, Croatia

1. Choosing the right yacht for crewed charter?

The world of yacht and boat charters in Croatia offers a diverse array of options to suit every seafaring desire.  Whether it's the classic romance of a sailboat, the spacious luxury of a catamaran, or the swift indulgence of a motor yacht, choosing the right yacht sets the stage for an unforgettable crewed yacht charter in Croatia.

Whether you are looking for a vessel that can accommodate a small or large group, our portfolio has yachts of various sizes.

Numerous departure points are accessible, ranging from Istria and Kvarner through Dalmatia (including Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, and Split) and extending down to Dubrovnik. Further guidance on selecting the ideal yacht for your charter can be found by clicking here.

2. How many crew members can be on a crewed yacht?

Embarking on a crewed yacht charter in Croatia elevates your sailing adventure, and the expertise of the crew plays an essential role in ensuring a seamless and delightful journey.

Crewed yachts can have 2 to 10 crew members, depending on the size and type of the yacht. Let's break down the differences between a crewed yacht with a fixed and permanent crew and a bareboat yacht where you have the flexibility to add and hire crew members based on preferences and needs.

2.1. Crewed Yacht with Fixed Crew

A crewed yacht with a fixed crew comes with a dedicated team already on board, providing a hassle-free and all-inclusive experience for the charterer. Bigger and more luxurious yachts come with a permanent crew on board and typically have higher upfront costs.

The crew usually consists of: 

  • Captain/ Skipper:

With a certified Captain, you will be in the best hands.  You can completely relax and indulge yourself in the hundreds of shades of Adriatic blue waters and let the reviving sound of the waves help you escape the ordinary. You don't need any sailing experience or qualifications when chartering a yacht with a captain /skipper.

The skipper's primary duty is to ensure the safety of the guests, other crew members, and the vessel.

The skipper's job is to plan the itinerary and to follow up on the weather forecast. The captain will offer route suggestions and acquaint you with the places you visit. If you have a specific site in mind, you can share your thoughts with the captain. He will do his best to include those places in the charter itinerary. Find out more about skippered yacht charter by clicking here.


  • Chef

With a chef on board, you will experience excellence in food and service. The chef is responsible for planning the menu, grocery shopping, and preparing meals. A chef is a professional who is knowledgeable about pairing top-notch food and excellent wines.

It is beneficial to inform the chef before the charter about food preferences, especially if anyone has any food intolerances or allergies.

Before your departure, you will receive a Preference/Provision list. A complete list we will send to the Chef, and he will arrange the delivery of Groceries and Beverages on the yacht. This way, you will save time on check-in day, and as soon as the boat is ready and cleaned, you can sail out.

Delivering the preference list on time ensures everything flows smoothly and according to plan.

crewed-yacht-charter-chef-onboard.jpgChef cooking on board

  • Stewardess / Hostess

The hostess is responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of the yacht's interior and for keeping food and beverage supplies stocked. Regarding meals prepared and served by the stewardess on board, you can expect breakfast and simple lunch meals, like pasta, risotto, salads, and grill.

If the yacht is chartered without a chef, the stewardess will assist the captain with mooring lines and docking. The hostess can also assist guests with extra activities during the trip, such as island tours, wine tastings, dinner reservations, and taxi reservations. Find out more about yacht charter with hostess by clicking here.

crewed-catamaran-sunreef-60-vulpino.jpgLuxury crewed catamaran Sunreef 60 "Vulpino", Croatia

2.2. Bareboat Yacht with Flexible Crew Options

In contrast, a bareboat yacht provides customers with the flexibility to customize their crew according to personal preferences and specific needs. When chartering a bareboat yacht with a crew, you will have to provide the cabins for the crew. Please pay attention to this when booking the yacht, so there are enough cabins for the guests and the crew. The crew does not share cabins with guests, and they don`t sleep in the saloon.

Choosing between a crewed yacht with a fixed crew and a bareboat with flexible crew options ultimately depends on individual preferences, sailing experience, and the desire for a tailored onboard experience. Each option offers a unique way to explore the beauty of the Croatian coast, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable yacht charter.

4. How to book a crewed yacht charter?

The booking process for your crewed yacht charter in Croatia is a crucial step that requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Navigate through the following steps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey:

  • Contact and Inquiry: Provide details such as your preferred travel dates, the number of guests, and any specific requirements or preferences you may have. 
  • Carefully review the charter contract and terms. Pay attention to cancellation policies, payment schedules, and any additional fees or charges. Seek clarification on any aspects that may not be clear to ensure a transparent and stress-free booking process.
  • Discuss potential routes, destinations, and activities, taking into account your group's interests and preferences. Ensure that the itinerary aligns with your desired travel experience and allows for a comfortable pace.
  • Discuss provisions for the trip, including food and beverages. Communicate any dietary restrictions or preferences to the chef. Additionally, inquire about any special requests or arrangements you may have, such as celebrating a special occasion during the charter.
  • Arrange local transfers to/from the yacht

Find out more about the yacht charter booking procedure by clicking here.

5. What is APA?

You will come across a term called APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) when receiving an offer for a crewed yacht. The APA covers extra expenses that are not included in the yacht charter price:

  • food and beverage provisioning for guests
  • fuel costs for the engines, generator, motorized watersports program
  • port and marina fees
  • local transfers, any other private expenses

The APA usually amounts to about 30% of the contract value. All items are specified in an addendum attached to the charter contract, which provides a breakdown of the costs. The captain will produce final accounts in the broker's presence at the end of the charter. Any unused funds will be refunded in full to the charterer. If the funds are not sufficient, the captain will advise you accordingly. Bills will be settled upon disembarkation.

Navetta 26 Friend's Boat_water toys.jpgFerretti Custom Line Navetta 26 "Friend`s boat" - water toys

6. What are the benefits of a crewed yacht charter?

  • Individually tailored sailing itinerary
  • A dedicated crew at your service, and for all your wishes
  • Fully equipped yachts provide the highest comfort
  • Luxury Crewed Yachts are loaded with various water toys (SUP, Kayak, Towing amenities, fishing, and snorkeling equipment, etc.)

7. Have a look at some of the Reviews from our guests on crewed charters:

October 2021, Luxury Gulet "Capricorn I", fully crewed:

Hello Nada, yes, just got back home, it was a dream week for everyone, everything went beyond our expectations! 

The Boat was stunning, the crew was very professional and caring, everyone wish for their holiday to be this perfect. Thank you for everything and having organized the whole trip, I already advertised to friends and family your professionalism and I will definitely contact you again for the next cruise!

May 2023, Catamaran Astrea 42 "Crazy Diamond", with skipper and hostess:

We had such an amazing time on the sailing trip!!  Bruno, our captain, and Srđana, our hostess, were the most amazing crew ever!!  Bruno has been exploring the islands since he was a young, so knows them really well and took us to the most perfect coves and bays.  It was a perfect mix of city, history, and unspoilt nature.  Srđana made the best food I had in all of Croatia!  She is an amazing chef!!  We always had full bellies.  Bruno and Srđana work so well together like they’ve known each other for years.  We all laughed so much on the trip and felt like we were good friends on a voyage.  It was the perfect trip!!

Crazy Diamond was a beautiful boat!  So comfortable, so nice.  I would definitely sail on a Fountaine Pajot again!!

Thank you for facilitating everything and matching us up with the perfect crew and perfect boat.  It was a real dream trip!

July 2023, Sailing yacht Oceanis 51.1 "Miss Alice", with skipper and hostess:

We had a fantastic holiday. Everything went smoothly and was as booked. Nada was most helpful, efficient and endlessly patient with all my ‘first time sailing’ questions. We were extremely lucky with our skipper, Filip and hostess, Petra. Their passion for Croatia enhanced and ultimately made our holiday. Petra anticipated our every need including wonderful Croatian dishes (and Mojitos! ) and Filip completely understood what we wanted out of our holiday from the start. He suggested and booked restaurants which we would never have found and ticked off all of our wishes including one last banana ride. :)

June 2023, Catamaran Lagoon 560 "Cool Change", Crewed with Captain and Host/Chef:

We could not have asked for a more beautiful experience aboard the Cool Change Catamaran. The whole trip was arranged flawlessly through Secret Adriatic and Nada's responses were always quick, thorough and helpful. After hearing about our groups' interests and requests, she offered three separate yacht charter options and we proceeded to select the best one for our needs.

Having just finished our trip, we're already dreaming about the next time we'll be aboard a luxurious catamaran on the stunning Adriatic Sea, dining on fresh seafood and sipping a lovey Croatian white wine. We hope it will be soon and we'll certainly book through Secret Adriatic at that time! Thank you Nada.


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