Island Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok is an island of great diversity and contrast and the largest island among the North Dalmatian islands. In 12 small villages and ports, today lives around 1500 inhabitants. The island road connects all villages on the island and offers magnificent views of the surrounding islands. Dugi Otok has a good ferry and fast boat connection to the mainland.

Dugi Otok translates to "Long Island" because of its 45 km long stretched coast. The island's most famous natural attraction is Nature Park "Telašćica" on the southern tip of an island that belongs to National Park Kornati.

The most beautiful natural resources of Dugi Otok are its beaches and bays. Where ever you turn, you will find a place for swimming. Fascinating blue and clear sea will attract you with its beauty.

You will find Mediterranean mood and spirit in small fisherman villages on the island, Sali, Božava, Zaglav, Veli rat, Brbinj, and several more small rarely inhabited.



Sali is located on the southeastern coast of Dugi Otok. Sali is the municipal and administrative center of the island. Sali has a thousand-year-old fishing tradition, and ancient olive groves surrounding the village witness intensive agricultural activities throughout the centuries.

The vicinity of the Nature Park Telašćica and the National Park Kornati makes Sali an ideal sailing destination.

Sali port has a berth capacity of 90 boats on 2 quays: N and S. Both of them are equipped with laid moorings, water, electricity, toilets, and showers. In the restaurants of Sali, you can try the traditional dishes of this area, which are based on local and fresh ingredients.



Božava is a small village and port located on the northwest side of Dugi Otok, in a bay surrounded by pine trees. It's a little place but offers everything you might need during your sailing trip: post office, store, bakery, bars/restaurants. The city port offers an adequate shelter, moorings, water, and electricity supply.

Close to Božava, on the opposite side of the Dugi Otok, is one of the most famous bays on the whole Adriatic, the Sakarun. If you have time, don't miss the opportunity to visit Sakarun, a safe bay for sailors. There is a road train transportation from Božava to Sakarun beach during the summer months.



Zaglav is a small village located on the island's southeastern coast, above the bay Triluka. Traditionally, the population is engaged in agriculture, olive growing, and fishing. The settlement is the main island ferry port.

Zaglav is an unavoidable sailing point for all boaters because of the gas station located there, the only one located in this part of the Zadar archipelago. Zaglav port has a small nautical port with power and water supply, no showers.

Veli Rat

Veli Rat is the northernmost place of the island and is located in the Čuna bay. It dates from Roman times, and the most distinguished sacred building is the St. Anthony parish church.

Veli Rat's pearl is the lighthouse Punta Bjanca, located three kilometers northwest of the village. Punta Bjanca is the highest lantern in the Adriatic and is 42 meters high. To all visitors looking for solitude and privacy, accommodation is possible is an apartment suite in the lighthouse. However, it is necessary to make a reservation ahead due to a high accommodation demand. In the courtyard of the lighthouse is a chapel of St. Nicholas, which can be used to organize a romantic wedding with a view overlooking the open sea.

In Pantera, a naturally sheltered bay, in Veli Rat is located Marina Baotić with 200 berths. Marina in Veli Rat is the perfect starting point for sailing to fascinating landmarks such as white sand Sakarun beach or the Telašćica Nature Park.



Brbinj village stretches over two picturesque bays, Jaz and Lučina, which are ideal anchorage for boaters. There are a ferry port and a small port with power and water supply but no showers.

The most important branches in Brbinj are agriculture and fishing so that you can have delicious specialties, such as healthy home-grown food and recently caught fish. Because of its coastal position, it has excellent potential for water sports and sailing.

middle-adriatic-zadar region-dugi-otok-brbinj-port-secret-adriatic.jpg

Telašćica Nature Park

Telašćica Bay is located in the southeastern part of Dugi Otok, and thanks to its exceptional beauty, richness, and importance, in 1988, it was declared a Nature Park. It is surrounded by 13 islands and islets and contains 6 islets within the bay.

Telašćica Bay itself is the safest, most beautiful, and largest natural harbour in the Adriatic Sea and one of the three basic phenomena that represent the basic features of the Nature Park area named after it.

Dugi Otok's cliffs or "stene" rising to a height of 161 meters above the sea and reaching down to a depth of 90 meters.

Salt Lake “Mir” is the third phenomenon of the Telašćica Nature Park and is located in the southwestern part. The lake is located in a narrow part of the mainland between the bay Telašćica and the open sea. It is about 8 km deep inland and about 1.6 km wide in the southern, widest part. That part of the bay is open to the neighboring Kornati. The bay itself is very indented and contains 25 bays, capes, and 6 islets. The excellent position enables the protection from Bora from the mainland and the Jugo from the open sea.

In Nature Park, it is possible to dive in several attractive places near the cliffs and walk or ride a bike in exciting places. The beautiful view from the Grpašćak lookout point should not be missed. You can also enjoy a variety of sports and water recreation, and if you are a little lucky, you will have the opportunity to hang out with dolphins.

Please be aware there are special rules of conduct in the Park, and every visitor should have a valid ticket for each day of their stay in the Park. More information you can read on the website of Telašćica Nature Park.


The island of Dugi Otok is truly a paradise for sailing and nature lovers, a perfect destination for a city escape, recreation, sports, long walks, jogging, swimming, and diving.

Suppose you would like Dugi Otok to be on your Croatia sailing itinerary. In that case, you can charter a sailing yacht or a catamaran from the coastline marinas in Dalmatia, from Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, or Split.



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