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Check in procedure

Check in procedure

Arrival at the base

Prior to your arrival, you will receive the Base info with the destination address and instructions on how to locate and reach the yacht charter base where your boat is waiting for you to board it.

Arriving at the charter base at the agreed time is very important since you probably will not be the only clients taking their sailboat over that day. If you arrive earlier than agreed, you can spend that extra time sightseeing or having lunch.

You can also go grocery shopping. However, if you are late for your agreed time, be sure to let the charter base staff know when can they expect you. In case you are arriving later than opening hours, you can get on board. Check in procedure/paperwork will arrive the next morning.

Do not forget your original documents, passport or ID and very important Skipper licenses you must have in original with you on the check-in and onboard while sailing. Please submit the crew list prior to your arrival, this can speed us your check-in procedure.

On check-in, leave a security deposit for the boat or damage waiver (if offered by the charter company), in cash or by credit card and to pay for the tourist tax which you pay only in Croatian currency Kuna. Whenever you are paying in cash in Croatia, have Kuna, Euro is not the official currency in Croatia.

When you do the check-in procedure in the office, you will do the technical inspection of the boat together with the sailor is in charge of the boat.

Go through all details of the inventory/check-in list and if something is missing inform the base staff. Before you sail out to make sure you have the boat documents onboard.