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Sailing from Dubrovnik

"Adriatic Pearl"

Located at the south Dalmatia coastline, Dubrovnik is the best place to start the sailing holidays and cruise around South Adriatic islands. Dubrovnik town is probably the worldwide best known Croatian town, known as the  "Adriatic Pearl."  What to expect: the enchanting Old Town, beaches, sun, culture and beautiful nature, and of course, food.

The City is a destination of culture, festivals, prestigious art happenings, major open-air events, excellent artists and athletes, and architectural treasures.


Dubrovnik Republic

The tremendous geographic position enabled the significant development of the City in the past. It was a major maritime and mercantile port between the west and east on the Adriatic. By the beginning of the 15th century, it became the independent Dubrovnik Republic. The Dubrovnik merchant navy matched world levels with its quality fleet of 180 to 200 ships. The merchant fleet sailed throughout the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and even across the ocean.

With material prosperity and security, and freedom, the humanist culture flourished, which further inspired ardent creativity. Dubrovnik reached magnificent achievement levels in its urban and architectural development, literature and poetry, sciences, and many other art and culture fields.


Historical and Cultural sights

Among the precious historical monuments are the Old City with Stradun, Rectors palace, St Blaise's Church, Sponza Palace, Orlando's Column, Small and Large Onofrio's Fountain, Minčeta Tower, Lovrijenac Tower, St. John Tower, Lazareti, Ploče Gate, and City Tower, Pile Gate, beautiful historic churches, cathedrals, museums, galleries, and city streets and walls.


The entire harmony and the simplicity of the old City of Dubrovnik reflect in its main street Placa, called Stradun.  Stradun is 298 meters long, and the Statute from 1272 determined the final plan of both the City and its main street. The uniform Baroque architecture of the houses in Stradun, with shops on the street level and their knee-like entrances, got its present-day form in the City's restoration after the disastrous earthquake in 1667.  Today, Stradun is still the shopping center and venue of major events.


St Balise Church

One of the most beautiful sacral buildings in Dubrovnik, the present-day Church of St Blaise, was constructed in 1715 in the flamboyant Venetian Baroque style. The Venetian master Marino Gropelli built it in 1706.

It was damaged for the first time by the earthquake and destroyed by the devastating fire in 1706.   Everything disappeared in flames, apart from the silver statue of St Blaise, which was saved by some miracle. The figure is one of the most valuable statues in Dubrovnik, and the model of the City which the saint holds in his hand reveals the city architecture at the time.

St Blaise has been honored as the patron saint of Dubrovnik from the 10th century. According to the chroniclers of Dubrovnik, St Blaise saved the people of Dubrovnik in the 10th century when the Venetians anchored their ships in Gruž and in front of the Island of Lokrum.

Celebrated on 3 February, St Blaises Day is also the City of Dubrovnik Day.

St Balise Church Dubrovnik.jpg

The Small Onofrio's Fountain

The Fountain stands in a niche on the City Guard facade.

Designed by Onofrio della Cava in 1446, it was put up on the eastern part of Placa (Stradun) after constructing the public water supply in 1438.

Pietro di Martino of Milan completed the stone-mason works on this small masterpiece. The relieves of nude baby-boys on the octagonal sides of the Fountain pool, the dolphins with shells, the maskerons, and the kneeling boys on the water pole reveal the influence of Renaissance, although with reminiscences of the Gothic style.


The Large Onofrio's Fountain

It's a large polygonal Fountain with 16 stone-carved maskerons out of which the water runs.

The Fountain was designed by Onofrio della Cava from Naples, who also designed another small fountain at the other end of Placa. The fountains were built for public use to complete the City water supply in 1438 when the spring water was brought from Rijeka Dubrovačka, situated 12 kilometers away.


The Rectors Palace

The Palace is one of the most significant monuments of profane architecture on the Croatian coast. It was the administrative center of the Dubrovnik Republic. Its style is basically Gothic, with the Renaissance and Baroque reconstructions.

It is the only public monument that the Dubrovnik Republic put up for a respectable citizen. Today the Rectors Palace houses the Cultural-historic Department of the Dubrovnik Museum with exhibition halls arranged to display the original setting with antique furniture and objects for daily use and paintings by local and Italian masters.


The Sponza Palace

The exquisite Customs Palace Divona, called Sponza, was built in the 16th century in Dubrovnik's specific Gothic-Renaissance style.

The Palace was the liveliest commercial center of the City. In the 17th century, it became the meeting place of members of the Academy of the Learned, who used to discuss literature, arts, and science. Today the Sponza Palace houses the Dubrovnik Archives, considered to be among the richest in Europe.


Minčeta Tower

Minčeta is a large circular tower with a massive battlement suspended by stone sup-porters, dominating the highest north-western part of the City.

Nikifor Ranjina constructed the first, smaller, quadrangular tower in 1319. The Florentine architect Michelozzo Michelozzi gave the monumental present time form to the Fort, which was completed in 1464 according to the design of the renowned Renaissance builder Juraj Dalmatinac.


Lovrijenac Fort

The Fort raises on the 37-meter high sea cliff outside the city walls.

The people of Dubrovnik built the Fort to protect the western sea access to the City, particularly from the Venetian fleet. Above the entrance is an inscription in the Latin language: NON BENE PRO TOTO LIBERTAS VENDITUR AURO (Freedom is not sold for all the gold of the world).

The Fort houses a chapel of St. Lawrence, and its courtyard with a cistern serves as a magical venue for theatrical performances. A large number of plays have been performed here within the Dubrovnik Summer Festival program.


The Lazzaretos

The Lazareti is the only entirely preserved quarantine complex on the European side of the Mediterranean and is under UNESCO's protection since 1994.

The Lazareti were built from 1627 until 1647. Their significance for the protection of the City from dangerous invisible enemies: plague, and other infectious diseases, was confirmed in 1724 when they were declared an integral part of the City's fortifications. The complex resembles the City Walls and consists of the plateau and ten naves (halls) with five inner courtyards.

Today, the Lazareti is the creative hub of Dubrovnik: various exhibitions, concerts, workshops, lectures, congresses, and other events.



Traditional Dubrovnik cuisine characterizes the use of as many natural ingredients as possible, with as few spices as possible.

In addition to lobster, Ston oysters, fish, and the famous spork mackerel that are always served at the Feast of St. Vlaha, Dubrovnik's gastronomy is especially rich in the selection of original desserts.  

Standing out desserts are rožata, egg cream with caramel topping, cotonjata, sweet quince jelly, arancini, candied homemade orange peel, and brussels sprouts, caramelized almonds.

In addition to all the famous Dubrovnik restaurants with traditional cuisine, in Dubrovnik, you can also enjoy restaurants that offer international cuisine.

Dubrovnik's best gastronomic experience is to dine "al fresco" on the beautiful terraces, romantic squares, and alleys, listen to some good live music, and taste some exquisite Croatian wines.

Dubrovnik is proud to have the largest number of Croatian five-star hotels. In addition to the five-star hotel, Dubrovnik is also proud of being on the Michelin Star Map with its restaurant 360. Several other Dubrovnik restaurants have a Michelin recommendation: Nautika, Stara loza, Proto, Takenoko, Vapor in Hotel Bellevue, Dubrovnik, Zuzori, Bistro Tavulin, Nautika, Above 5 and Pjerin in Villa Dubrovnik.


Sailing and Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik

Due to the vicinity of Dubrovnik airport, which has excellent international connectivity, it is easily accessible.

To sail out and charter a sailing yacht, catamaran, motor yacht or luxury gulet is possible from ACI marina Miho Pracat or Marina Slano, which is 35 km north from Dubrovnik. From Dubrovnik, you can sail to numerous beautiful islands in the archipelago of South Dalmatia: the Elaphiti Islands, Mljet, Lastovo, Pelješac peninsula, Korčula. One of the most popular sailing itineraries is the one-way sailing route from Dubrovnik to Split.

Especially popular a private daily trips by boat from Dubrovnik to National Park Mljet and the Elaphiti islands (Šipan, Koločep, Lopud).

No matter how many times you visit Dubrovnik, each time, it will leave you breathless.



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