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North Adriatic sailing area

This sailing journey starts from the “small Tuscany”- North Adriatic sailing area, which covers the northwest part of Croatia. It extends from the Istria peninsula over Kvarner and islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj, and Rab. Istria peninsula is famous for its preserved nature, many cultural events, excellent gastronomy, and enology. Best world wines and olive oil come from Istria, and Istrian truffles are famous worldwide.

The advantage of choosing to sail out from destinations in the North Adriatic sailing area is primarily traffic connectivity and accessibility. You can easily travel by car from Central Europe destinations or by plane. In a 150 km radius are five international airports such as RijekaPula, ZagrebTrieste, and Ljubljana.

On the North Adriatic sailing route, you can visit many amazing towns, fisherman villages, islands, hidden bays, and coves. Whether you are looking for relaxed or active sailing holidays, we assure you it will fulfill your expectations.

National Park Brijuni

Our first sailing stop is a famous group of islands known as the jewel of Istria, National Park Brijuni. The location of the Brijuni islands is in front of the west coast of Istria. National Park Brijuni comprises 2 bigger and 12 smaller islands. Brijuni enriches unique flora and fauna, long promenades through untouched nature and impressive tree alleys. Emperors, presidents, world leaders, and movie stars visited Brijuni, as it was among the most prestigious summer resorts.

National Park Brijuni only allows sailing and navigation in the waters for entrance and docking. You enter at the port of Veliki Brijun or dock in Sv. Nikola Bay on the island of Mali Brijun.

  • Port and the waters of the National Park forbids waste discharge in the water.
  • The island allows dogs only if kept on a leash. They do not allow them into the hotel, the museum, or any other closed area, on the little tourist train, the beach, the safari, or the pheasant farm.
  • Services offered to its visitors: excursions, tennis, golf, bike, and electric car rental, and accommodation and food and beverage services under the valid pricelist of the Institution.

Rovinj is a picturesque city on the west coast of the Istria peninsula, one of the most popular and developed resorts in the Mediterranean. Once an old fisherman village, Rovinj is now one of the leading elite tourism resorts in Croatia. The archipelago of Rovinj counts 22 small islands, islets, and rocks. The most known and beautiful among them are St. Andrew and St. Catherine.

New ACI Marina Rovinj is a modern marina of superior design with the latest technological solutions and services of the highest standards in the world’s nautical tourism. Therefore, ACI Rovinj will be marina with the highest categorization–of five anchors.

The new marina will have 192 moorings or berths for boats of the average length of 18 meters. Therefore, it will bring together all the technical and support services. It will also be the most modern nautical one-stop-shop destination.


Roman Amphitheater in Pula

Pula is the largest city on an Istria peninsula on the southern tip of the peninsula. Roman Amphitheater is the most famous and known historical monument, also known as Arena.

The Arena is well preserved and even today hosts world-known music and film festivals. A popular attraction is a series of cranes in Uljanik shipyard, known as Lighting Giants installation. These cranes are illuminated as part of a light show each evening between 9 pm and midnight.

ACI Pula and Marina Veruda are open all year round and provide all necessary facilities for a safe and comfortable stay.


Opatija or the Adriatic Pearl is the center of 43 km long Riviera on the eastern seaside of the Istrian peninsula. It has enjoyable climatic conditions thanks to a sheltered location in the foothill of mountain Učka and Kvarner Gulf. Opatija has the oldest tourism tradition in Croatia and is famous as a health and wellness resort. Once you visit Opatija don′t miss the chance to walk by the sea along the famous Lungo Mare coastal promenade.

Location of ACI Marina Opatija is perfect because she protects from strong bora winds and disposes with 283 boat berths, 35 dry berths, and as well mega yachts up to 40 m can be accommodated.


Sailing around Island Krk

Krk is the largest Croatian island in Kvarner Gulf, near to city Rijeka. The bridge connects the island with the mainland. Krk has a surface of 405.8 km² and a population of nearly 18000 people.

Krk has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Many natural, cultural, and historical beauties are waiting for you to visit them. Therefore, if you are looking for a relaxing sailing vacation, island Krk and its small villages are unavoidable. Settlements on the island are  BaškaVrbnikPunatMalinskaNjiviceOmišaljŠilo, and the city of Krk.

The gastronomical offer is one of the focal points of Krk’s hospitality and tourism. Make a toast with Vrbnička žlahtina, and if you wish to take a “gastronomy souvenir” from the island, let that be the home-made brandy or dry figs.

Punat, with its marina, provides port that is easily accessible and sheltered from all the winds. Marina Punat offers a wide selection of services, restaurants, a hotel with a pool, sauna, wellness, and spa area.

Sailing around Island Cres

Cres Island is beside Island Krk, the largest Croatian Island. In the North Adriatic Sailing area and on the north of Kvarner Gulf with a population of 3000 inhabitants. Sailing the Cres coastline, you will find countless beautiful bays with hidden beaches, and crystal clear sea and most probably will meet friendly dolphins.

Griffon Vulture island

Many active vacation options are available on the Island to enjoy swimming, fishing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, jogging, biking, trekking. Or you can relax while sightseeing, dining, filming, photographing, painting, meditating, collecting medicinal and aromatic wild herbs, and many others. Cres is a paradise for all lovers of untouched nature. On the Island, Cres is one of the last habitats of a scarce bird Griffon Vulture and the unusual natural phenomenon of freshwater Lake Vrana in the Island’s heart.

You can visit picturesque small villages on the shore and those on the cliffs, like Lubenice, which offers a spectacular view.

ACI Marina Cres is in the center of the Island with over 460 berths in the sea and 70 dry dock berths.

Sailing around Island Mali Lošinj

Lošinj was part of Cres island, but during the Roman Empire for trade and artificial buried canal separated the Jantar route. Island Lošinj is known as the Island of Vitality thanks to preserved nature and aromatic herbs. Over 1100 kinds of aromatic herbs are present on the island.

A moving bridge in Osor is the connection between the islands of Cres and Lošinj. It is open all day, and at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm it closes for half an hour so that sailors can pass through a passage that significantly shortens the trip. The opening of the bridge is a real tourist attraction both for tourists on land and for seafarers.

There is a 2nd as well artificial buried canal called Privlaka, which separates Lošinj in two parts. Privlaka is famous among the seafarers. If you intend to pass through by boat, be careful since it is narrow, and because of the passage with strong current can be very tricky. Once you pass through, rewards are one of the safest harbors in the area, Mali Lošinj.