Zadar Sailing Route North - 7 days

Zadar Sailing Route North - 7 days

Zadar Sailing Route North I 7 days

Zadar - Molat - Dugi Otok - Island Ist - Susak - Mali Lošinj - Pag

The sailing route from Zadar to the North will take you on a sailing journey to the most beautiful places of North Dalmatia and Kvarner. Explore the hidden corners of peace and tranquility, visit one of the most beautiful bays in Croatia - Sakarun sandy beach. Recharge your batteries surrounded by untouched nature, walk and hike the winding paths, as you inhale fresh sea air and absorb the scents of medicinal herbs.

This itinerary is a perfect choice if you are seeking to enjoy the natural environment, away from crowds and busy ports.


Zadar is known as one of the best departure ports if you would like to sail and discover the beautiful world of Kornati islands and numerous more small islets in the area. Zadar is a perfect place whether you would like to set for a day trip or sailing week. Popular nautical day-trips include Dugi Otok, Pašman Island, Ugljan Island, Kornati Islands National Park, Molat, Silba, Olib, Premuda, Sakarun Bay, Veli žal beach.

Close to the Zadar city center are two marinas with all the necessary facilities: Marina Borik and Marina Zadar. You can set sail on a sailing yacht, catamaran, or motorboat from these marinas. The nearby marinas in Sukošan and Biograd have a great choice of charter yachts, bareboat, or skippered.



The island of Molat is the 5th biggest inhabited island in the Zadar Archipelago. There are three villages on the island: Molat, Brgulje, and Zapuntel which are connected by a very narrow road.

The port of Molat is a quiet harbour, on the SW coast,  with a waterfront and a ferry port. There are around 30 moorings with power and water supply and toilets/showers.  The harbour is well protected but still a bit dangerous during wind from W and SW. Pay attention when the ferry arrives. You can find a tavern, a pizzeria, and a greengrocer in the port. Up in the village, there is a market and bakery.


Day 2 MOLAT- DUGI OTOK (Sakarun) 12NM

On the way from Molat to Sakarun bay on Dugi Otok, we recommend a swimming stop in Pantera bay, which is the most popular anchorage on the NW side of Dugi Otok.  North of the Pantera bay in the shallow water is a shipwreck of the Italian cargo ship "Michelle." 

Sailing along the west coast of the island towards Sakarun, visit the Veli Rat lighthouse. Veli Rat is one of the largest and most beautiful lighthouses in Croatia.

Sakarun beach is a sandy paradise, one of Croatia's most famous beaches, located on the northwestern coast of Dugi Otok, close to Veli Rat and Božava. The beach gained its reputation with the sand's whiteness and clean sea, surrounded by pine trees that provide a welcome shade in the summer. It is about 800 meters long, and at some 250 meters from the shore, it is 3.5 meters deep. 

If you are sailing around Dugi Otok, Sakarun is a must-visit, especially if sailing with children.

The bay provides adequate shelter from Bura and Tramuntana. However, when Jugo is blowing, the bay is completely exposed and has to be left early. There is a buoy field in the bay, for which, in high season, a reservation would be advisable. There are two bars on the beach, offering refreshments and light snacks.



Ist is a small, quiet island in the Zadar archipelago, surrounded by numerous small islands and has barely 250 inhabitants. The island is called a "Butterfly" island because of its shape.

The main village of the island, Ist, is located in a bay with a small port with around 15 moorings with power and water supply. Ist is a suitable destination for lovers of quiet, close to nature, and a bit secluded vacation. You can enjoy its vineyards and olive groves, land space, sandy beaches. Its coves and reefs provide opportunities for sport fishing, and diving.



Susak is famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful folk costumes, and yellow dust from which the island is made. This yellow dust makes Susak unique - even the most experienced seamen will agree there's no similar island in the whole Mediterranean!

The island has only one settlement, split into two villages: upper and lower. The older upper one is located on a hill above the sandy bay called Spiaza. The newer lower village lies along the western coast of the same bay. Susak is an oasis of peace and silence since it's not easy to reach the island unless you are sailing in Croatia on a private yacht.

The island offers several options for sailors.  In the port of Susak, there are around 20 moorings and several bays for anchoring, of which the largest is Bok bay.



Mali Lošinj is the cultural and social center of Lošinj island, located on its eastern coast. Before docking in Mali Lošinj, you can spend a great time exploring the beautiful bays and small islands on the western coast of the islands of Lošinj.

In Mali Lošinj you can search for a mooring in Y/C Marina Mali Lošinj. The marina's guests have at their disposal an excellent restaurant, grocery shop, and sailing equipment shop. The marina is open all year round. The alternative to the marina is a City Port of Mali Lošinj.

Although Mali Lošinj Bay provides adequate protection in all winds, strong NE winds and Bora can cause swell and waves in the harbour. The port is bustling during the season, especially in July and August.

Close to Mali Lošinj, on the eastern side of the island is the beautiful Čikat bay and Marina Čikat. Marina Čikat is probably the safest shelter from the bora, the common wind in this area.
Marina can accommodate around 200 boats on three piers and several buoys. There are electricity and water connections on the docks. Anchoring in Čikat bay is not allowed.


Day 6 MALI LOŠINJ - PAG  (Šimuni) 23NM

To sail out from Mali Lošinj bay on the east, you`ll have to pass the Privlaka passage. The passage is 80 m long, 8 m wide, and its depth is about 2.4 m. The drawbridge opens every day at 9:00 and 18:00, and the limit is 20 tons. In the case of a strong bora, the bridge is closed due to dangerous waves that interfere with navigation through this narrow channel. Priority is given to vessels leaving the port.

Šimuni is the favorite sailing destination on the island of Pag. A fishing village on the southwestern shore of the island of Pag. Šimuni is an ideal spot for a family vacation, long strolls, swimming, and sunbathing on the nearby beaches.

Enjoy the fresh catch in the local restaurants, brought by the fishermen to the shores in the early morning hours.

At the bottom of the beautiful Šimuni cove is a favorite boaters' destination, ACI marina Šimuni.


Day 7 PAG (Šimuni) – ZADAR 24NM