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Dubrovnik Sailing Itinerary - 7 days

Dubrovnik Sailing Itinerary - 7 days

Dubrovnik Sailing Route I 7 days

Dubrovnik - Šipan - Ston (Pelješac) - NP Mljet - Lastovo - Korčula - Saplunara (Mljet)

Dubrovnik sailing itinerary is tailored to take you on an unforgettable journey around South Dalmatia's islands of magical, unspoiled beauty.  Suppose you are looking for your place under the sun surrounded by the beauties of untouched nature, enchanted by the scents of endemic, medicinal herbs, and unforgettable gastronomic moments. In that case, this is an itinerary tailored to you.

Dubrovnik - The Pearl of Adriatic

Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia, on the Adriatic coast in the region of Dalmatia, with a population of 43,000. It is easily accessible due to the nearby Dubrovnik airport, which has excellent international connectivity.

Dubrovnik is probably the most famous Croatian town. It's also called the "Adriatic Pearl." What to expect: its enchanting Old Town, beaches, sun, culture, beautiful surroundings, and, of course, delicious food. The City is a destination of culture, festivals, prestigious art happenings, major open-air events, excellent artists and athletes, and architectural treasures. You can read more about Dubrovnik here.



After checking in, a departure from ACI Marina Dubrovnik and sailing around the majestic city walls of the old town of Dubrovnik. After capturing lifetime moments sailing close to the old town, overnight in the famous beach bar Bowa on the island of Šipan.


Day 2 ŠIPAN - Ston (Pelješac peninsula) 10 NM

After an ideally spent day exploring the beautiful bays of the Dubrovnik archipelago and the Elaphiti Islands, continue to the small town of Ston on the Pelješac peninsula. Ston is proud to have the second-largest fortification walls in the World and the oldest European saltworks. For the night, we recommend staying in a remote cove of Kobaš. Gastro mare Kobaš will surprise you with a great gastronomic experience based on local, fresh, homemade delicacies.   


Day 3 STON - Polače, MLJET 22 NM

Mljet Island should be on the bucket list for all wanderers searching for peaceful and relaxing enjoyment in the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings. Cove Polače is an excellent anchorage, and wide so you will find a spot even in high season. The village has markets, a bakery, restaurants, and all kinds of rentals (car, scooter, bike, kayak). Please take a short trip to National Park Mljet and its spectacular lakes.


Day 4 MLJET - Zaklopatica, LASTOVO 24 NM

Sailing towards the most remote inhabited Croatian Island - Lastovo. Lastovo is called the imperial Island, the island of dreamlike beauty, preserved landscape, and a unique Carnival tradition. Lastovo abounds in many cultural assets, both tangible and intangible, which testify to its rich past.

Make a few swimming and snorkeling stops before docking in the famous cove of Zaklopatica. In the afternoon, visit the historic old town of Lastovo on top of the island. After visiting the old town, enjoy the sunset dinner in the cove of Zaklopatica.



Before docking in the city of Korčula in the early afternoon, make a few interesting swimming stops around the islets of Korčula. In the afternoon and evening, save your time for walking and dining in one of Croatia's most famous island urban jewels. The main feature of the whole town is Korcula Old Town  – a medieval walled town with its towers, numerous buildings and monuments, cafés, restaurants, hotels, galleries, open-air cinema, and more.


Day 6 KORČULA - Saplunara bay, MLJET 33 NM

Sail along the coast of Mljet, with a few unique swimming spots, before docking in the most southern cove on the island and dining in the small local restaurant. You can spend a night on a mooring buoy.
Saplunara is one of the most popular anchorages in south Dalmatia. The bay, which is perfect for anchoring, especially when sailing with children, has 15 mooring buoys available.

A few restaurants offer free mooring buoys if you have dinner there. There are also a few local markets in the bay.



Before returning to Dubrovnik, you can make a few swimming stops on the Elaphiti islands (Lopud, Koločep).