Split Sailing Itinerary - Off the Beaten Path

Split Sailing Itinerary - Off the Beaten Path

Split Sailing Itinerary I Off the Beaten Path

Split or Trogir - Pučišća - Makarska - Lovište - Vela Luka - Biševo - Šolta - Split or Trogir

Embark on a remarkable voyage along the mesmerizing Adriatic coast, exploring hidden gems and venturing off the beaten path. This sailing itinerary from Split unveils a world of enchanting destinations. Far from the bustling yacht charter hotspots, you'll discover secluded towns, pristine beaches, and untouched natural beauty that captivate your senses.

Day 1 Split - Pučišća 16 NM, 27 NM from Trogir

Imagine setting sail from the vibrant city of Split, your compass pointing towards the hidden gems of the Adriatic. Your first stop, Pučišća, cradled on the island of Brač, welcomes you with its white stone quarries and charming architecture. The town whispers tales of a stonemasonry school, adding a touch of tradition to its narrow streets.


Pučišća, Brač

Day 2 Pučišća - Makarska 14 NM 

As you navigate the azure waters, Makarska unveils itself, nestled between the Biokovo mountain and the Adriatic. The lively waterfront beckons with cafes, restaurants, and a vibrant atmosphere. The Makarska Riviera unveils its sandy beaches, a perfect respite before you embark on the next leg of your journey.


One of many beautiful beaches in Makarska

Day 3 Makarska  - Lovište 26 NM 

Lovište, a hidden gem on the Pelješac Peninsula, lures you with its tranquil charm. A haven for those seeking solace, this fishing village boasts a relaxed ambiance against the picturesque backdrop of hills. The simplicity of Lovište promises a break from the ordinary.

loviste 945x500.jpgLovište, Pelješac

Day 4 Lovište - Vela Luka  12 NM 

The island of Korčula unfolds its secrets as you dock in Vela Luka. Here, history and modernity coexist seamlessly. Marinas and anchorages offer a safe haven for sailors, while the town itself invites exploration of its historical treasures and local culture.


Day 5 Vela Luka - Biševo 30 NM 

On the fifth day of your sailing adventure, navigate from the welcoming embrace of Vela Luka towards the captivating wonders of Biševo. However, let the day unfold by adding stops at the enchanting Budikovac and the secluded Stiniva Bay on the island of Vis. The serenity of Budikovac provides an ideal setting for a leisurely lunch on deck, surrounded by the beauty of untouched nature. Once recharged, set sail for the renowned Stiniva Bay on the island of Vis. Navigating through the narrow entrance guarded by towering cliffs, the bay reveals its hidden charm. Take a refreshing dip in the inviting waters, or perhaps venture ashore to explore the rugged beauty of this natural haven.


Stiniva Bay, Vis

As the sun begins its descent, resume your course towards Biševo, the final destination of the day. Biševo, a small island near Vis, whispers tales of the mesmerizing Blue Cave. As you enter this natural wonder, the hues of blue illuminate the cavern, creating a magical experience. The island's tranquility and quaint villages provide a contrast to the vibrant underwater spectacle.

bisevo-porat-bay.jpgBiševo, Porat bay

Day 6 Biševo - Šolta 27 NM   

The island of Šolta, a stone's throw from Split, invites you to explore its secluded coves and charming villages. Maslinica, on the western side, beckons with its peaceful ambiance. Stroll through the streets, savor local olive oil, and let the island's serenity captivate your senses.

jorja.jpgJorja bay, Šolta

Day 7 Šolta - Split 17 NM / Trogir 13 NM

On the final day of your island hopping, bid farewell to the tranquility of Šolta and set sail towards the bustling heartbeat of Split or Trogir. But, before you surrender to the embrace of the city, weave in a delightful detour to create a memorable finale.

Consider a swim and lunch stop at the Blue Lagoon on Drvenik or the enchanting Labadusa Bay on Čiovo. These two beautiful bays are inviting you to drop anchor and indulge in a leisurely lunch on deck.

blue-lagoon-bay.jpgBlue Lagoon anchorage, Drevik Veli

As you chart your itinerary from Split through these off-the-beaten-path destinations, remember to navigate with respect for local regulations. Keep an eye on the ever-changing weather, and let the stories of each port create memories that will linger long after the sails are furled. Fair winds and smooth seas on your seafaring adventure!