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Recommended Route - 7 days sailing from Split

Recommended Route - 7 days sailing from Split

Recommended Split sailing route I 7 days

Split – Sutivan – Pučišća – Vrboska – Lovište – Šćedro – Pakleni Islands – Split

This is the most recommended 7-day sailing route from Split or Trogir if you want to visit small and quiet towns on the islands and at least one vibrant nightlife destination. Small villages on the islands like Pučišća, Šćedro, and Lovište are an oasis of tranquility surrounded by pristine nature. Pakleni islands are ideal if you want to have a memorable beach party day in combination with a visit to the town of Hvar. The easiest way to get to the town of Hvar from the Pakleni islands is by speed boat transfer.

Split - The Hearth of Dalmatia

Split is the center of the Dalmatia region and the 2nd largest city in Croatia. It is famous for its beaches and the fortress-like complex at its center, Diocletian's Palace. Modern and lively Mediterranean pearl, a perfect place to start Your sailing vacation in Croatia.

Split`s location makes it ideal for sailing trips and yacht charters in Croatia. Because of its central position in Dalmatia, you can easily explore all that this region has to offer by taking weekly or daily trips. In the area 50 km around Split, you can charter a yacht and sail out of six nautical marinas. You can find and rent any vessel: sailboat, sail or power catamaran, small motorboat or luxury motor yacht, gulet, or luxury motorsailer. 


Day 1 SPLIT  - BRAČ (Sutivan) 7NM

For the first day of your sailing holiday from Split, visit the beautiful little village on the northwest end of the island of Brač, Sutivan. Picturesque, quiet, and charming. There are few tourists around in the absence of big hotels and apartments, though there is a lot to see. Sutivan is surrounded by ancient olive groves and beautiful vineyards, reachable by landscaped field roads. The field roads are both hiking and biking trails and are very suitable for sports and leisure.



Pučišća village is one of the prettiest villages in Europe. It is famous for its white limestone and beautiful architecture.

Stonemason's school in Pučišća is the only one in Croatia and one of the few in Europe. The limestone was used in decorating the vestibule of the United Nations building in New York, which makes Brač's people, together with all other Croats, very proud. According to some sources, Brač's stone was used to build parts of the White House in Washington.  Pučišća is also famous for its old olive groves, quality olive oil, and excellent wine from Pučišće vineyards.

Before docking your yachts in Pučišća, stop by the beautiful sandy bay of Lovrečina, halfway between Sutivan and Pučišća. Lovrečina is a wide, sandy beach excellent swimming stop when sailing with children.


Day  3 BRAČ (Pučišća) - HVAR (Vrboska) 22NM

Sailing around the east coast of the island of Brac towards the central north coast of Hvar, you will discover the beautiful Vrboska. Along a narrow and curving fjord, surrounded by thick pine forest, lies the smallest but probably the most beautiful town on Hvar island.

Although Vrboska is the smallest town on Hvar, it has the largest marinaACI Marina Vrboska. Her location is at the bottom of the long narrow bay, which is why it is virtually the perfect harbor because of protection from all winds.

From Jelsa, you can take a short trip to the nearby villages, Pitve, Vrbanj, Vrisnik, and Svirče. Cycling trails, along with the Starigrad Fields, stretching from Vrboska to Starigrad, are ideal for lovers of active holidays.


Day 4 HVAR (Vrboska) - PELJEŠAC (Lovište) 35NM

Lovište is a small seaside town located in a cove near the western tip of the Pelješac peninsula. It is known as a wine region with some of the best red wines in the whole of Croatia.

The area of ​​Loviste Bay includes about 4 km of coastline with numerous bays suitable for anchoring and natural beaches. Lovište is one of the favorite sailing destinations in the South Adriatic due to its natural beauty, the special gastronomic offer, and the unique feeling of tranquility.


Day 5 PELJEŠAC (Lovište) - SĆEDRO 15NM

Šćedro is a small island south of the island of Hvar.  Protected as a nature park, in its untouched beauty, with many hidden coves, it provides an intimate experience to every visitor. Thanks to the indented coast, the island generously adorns numerous bays.

There used to be two settlements on it, Mostir and Nastane. In addition to the remains of a Roman villa and looted ships in the seabed, in the bay of Mostir, there are the ruins of a Dominican monastery,

There are only a few houses on the island, inhabited only in summer. Šćedro offers pleasure in peace, a quiet and clean sea, and delicious fresh fish in restaurants.



The crystal-clear waters, hidden beaches, deserted lagoons of the Pakleni Islands, and gorgeous chain of wooded isles stretch out immediately in front of the town of Hvar.

On Pakleni Islands, there are several bays great for anchoring and buoy fields, Vinogradišće, Soline, Taršće, and ACI marina Palmižana. If you'd like to visit the town of Hvar, you can take a taxi boat from Palmižana.



On the way back from Pakleni islands to your charter base in the Split or Trogir area, you can make lunch and swim stop in one of the bays on the island of Šolta or Brač. On the island of Brač, you can drop the anchor in one of the bays near Milna. If you`re sailing back to Trogir, you can make a stop in one of the bays near Nečujam on Šolta or at the Blue Lagoon (Drvenik Veliki).