TIPS for Sailing with Children

TIPS for Sailing with Children

When we are young and solo, nothing is more joyful than packing bags and traveling away. However, when children arrive, most believe they should give up on traveling. With proper preparation and organization, sailing with children can be easily manageable, but also it will be one of the best sailing holidays you can have!

The two most important details for carefree sailing with children are to make them safe and entertain them. To make the process a wee bit less intimidating, we are sharing the following list.

Make them Safe

  • Children should always wear a life jacket. Life jackets are also available for infants and babies.
  • Put safety (railing) net on the boat. With a properly installed safety net, children can move and play without fear of slipping over the deck into the sea.
  • Never, but never leave the children unattended.
  • Be sure to bring some Antipyretics for children (Ibuprofen)
  • Protect the children from the sun. Avoid direct exposure to the sun at the hours when it is most intense. The best protection is to let them hang around under the bimini tent wearing a Sun hat with a wide brim for protecting both face and ears. Use kid-friendly sun creams and lotions.
  • Bug spray for preventing insect bites, the most common in Croatia during the summer are mosquitoes
  • Keep them hydrated because when they play, they forget to ask for a drink. Avoid soda water and juices
  • More drinks and snacks ( fresh fruit, fruit/veggie pouches, and granola bars are recommendable)
  • Bathing suits, swim/water shoes, Beach sandals, Sippy cups, Plastic/reusable plate, and utensils

Entertain them

  • bring an assortment of exciting sand and swim toys
  • familiar toys and books from home
  • children’s CDs or an iPod/iPhone loaded with kid-friendly tune
  • board games for children
  • snorkeling equipment or stand up paddleboard, they will love it


Which type of boat would be the most suitable for sailing with children?

The most appropriate kind of boat for sailing with children is a catamaran. Catamarans are more stable compared to monohull sailing yachts. They have a more flat surface on the deck and more socializing areas.

Sailing is an excellent opportunity for children to gain new experiences, develop new skills, and discover new places. The antiseptic effect of sea salt, lung treatment, and immunity improvement are just some of the gifts we can thank the sea.

Life on the boat is an ideal moment for parents to deepen bonds with their children. But, the most important of all are memories that will last a lifetime.