Luxury Crewed Catamarans Charter to choose in Croatia

Luxury Crewed Catamarans Charter to choose in Croatia

Why not add some novelty to the way you spend your summer at sea?

We’re glad to inform you that as of this summer visitors to Croatia can enjoy the advantage of chartering a catamaran on different days than a Saturday.

You couldn’t charter a catamaran, let alone a crewed luxury catamaran, on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday and make the most out of your 7- day cruise along the Adriatic.

So, that definitely is a reason to be joyful about. Not only that. Now you can plan to enjoy your holiday without all the infuriating or annoying elements that come with a holiday travel when the whole of Western Europe is on the road to the Adriatic.

And now that we have Saturday cleared out of the way, why not decide on chartering a luxury catamaran with a crew?

All the more if you have been very economical with your money and waiting for the right moment to spend some more on service at sea never experienced before.


Skippered Saba 50 Princess Aphrodite, available for Friday to Friday charters, from Trogir

Reasons why you might go with a luxury crewed catamaran

1. You’ve been collecting that money and paying attention to what you can do with it, distancing yourself from all the banal, normal, and usual ways to spend it. No bookings of hotel rooms and each day heading out to the beach, when you can have the sea around you on a catamaran.

2. You had enough of having to prepare for everything yourself- the food, the props for water sports, the fuel, etc. When you charter a luxury crewed catamaran, all that will disappear.

3. You don’t have to have any sailing experience or qualifications. The skipper will be there to navigate through the rough or smooth sea.

4. You can ask the crew anything. They will be very informed and helpful. The crew members are highly trained and dedicated to ensuring that guests on board a luxury crewed catamaran have an unforgettable experience. They handle all aspects of the sailing, including navigation, maintenance, and meal preparation, leaving guests free to relax and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. From skilled captains who navigate the Adriatic's enchanting waters to talented chefs who prepare gourmet meals using the freshest local ingredients, the crew is there to cater to every need, making the journey effortless and enjoyable.

5. Booking a luxury crewed catamaran and sailing on the Adriatic will certainly be a story you’ll be retelling over and over. And it will never go out of fashion.

These are just some of the few reasons and we’re positive that you can identify with at least one.

Oh, wait - we forgot about the food! Dalmatian food!

Luxury crewed catamarans often come with skilled chefs who are adept at creating culinary masterpieces. They craft delicious meals using the finest local ingredients, catering to individual preferences and dietary requirements. Guests can savor gourmet dishes inspired by the region, elevating their dining experience. In contrast, crewed ordinary catamarans may offer more basic meal options without the same level of culinary expertise.


The fantastic crew of Lagoon 570 "Mala", available for flexible charters, from Split

Where to book that fancy crewed catamaran

Head to Split international airport, and then 20 km to the north of Split on the Croatian seaside you’ll find the coastal place Marina.

It’s the home port to one of the most awaited crewed catamarans you can charter - the Catamaran Lagoon 560. She is available for charter with a skipper and host, on Sunday to Sunday basis.

If you’re going to sail with it, we recommend you navigate further north to Kornati National Park, an archipelago boasting 89 islands, islets, and reefs. It will be a trip where you’ll be taking in all the natural splendours this part of Croatia has got to offer.

And you’ll be so thrilled as George Bernard Shaw, the famous Irish playwright, was, who, like Joyce, was enthralled by the country.

Shaw said this about the group of islands around Kornati, so be sure to include this gem on your sailing aboard a luxury crewed catamaran:

On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown His work and thus created Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath..

So, embark on a journey on a luxury crewed catamaran that will leave you with cherished moments and a newfound appreciation for the wonders of the Adriatic Sea.


Lagoon 560 Cool Change, available for Sunday to Sunday charters, from Split