Romantic city getaways on the Adriatic

Romantic city getaways on the Adriatic

Don’t ever miss these city gems in Croatia on a romantic trip along the Adriatic

We’re now taking you on a journey through five of the most romantic cities for couples sailing along the Adriatic coast.

It’s certainly difficult to name just five of them, but we’ve got to start from somewhere, and these five cities will definitely stay in your memory even years after leaving them out of sight.

Out of sight, but not out of mind.

These cities each have their distinguishable past, tied either to Roman or Venetian times, but what makes them romantic?

These elements are found nowhere in other Croatian cities on the coast:

1. The view from a church’s bell tower, a landmark of Rovinj

romantic-city-rovinj-croatia.jpgOne of the most romantic places in Croatia - Rovinj

The Church of Sveta Eufemija in Rovinj holds a secret you can unravel if you climb up its steps inside the bell tower. Mind you, according to and the comments of the visitors daring to climb it, it’s very dangerous. The steps leading up to the spire are very old, but the view will make you forget all the toils and troubles. Here the city will put its romantic spell over you. Standing near the white steps made of stone just beneath the church you’ll instantly be overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, the Brijuni National Park on the island spreading over the horizon and almost within your reach, the white peaks of the Alps rising like the crown. Views like these are romantic, be it day or night. Find out more about Rovinj.

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2. An extraordinary organ playing together with the sound of the waves in Zadar

zadar-romatic-city-getaway-on-the-adriatic.jpgThe peninsula of Zadar

It’s called the sea organ, and the city that watches over it is Zadar. The magnificent tourist attraction was built by the local Nikola Bašić and it’s totally unique, in that it’s a system of pipes and whistles set within the perforated stone stairs descending into the sea. You will hear a wistful sigh coming out of those pipes and whistles each time the sea moves and pushes air through it. And if you come on a boat (place a link) or ferry you can even hear its sound becoming louder and louder as you pass it by. Experience that sound as you watch the sunset over the sea organ and you’ll definitely cry out with joy and fascination: This place is not of this Earth. Find out more about Zadar.

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3. Enjoy a 12 km walk along a sea promenade in Opatija, without ever wanting to take a rest or grab a bite.

lungomare-opatija.jpgSea promenade Lungo Mare in Opatija

You’ll find this promenade in Opatija, the most fashionable seaside resort in Croatia since the Habsburgs, competing in elegance with Dubrovnik. It’s said that the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria built the promenade for his wife Sisi, who was suffering from lung disease. It’s well known that walks inspire the mind and a great nourishment for the soul, so couples will most surely feel relaxed after 3 hours of active walking. And then afterward spend a romantic evening in one of the numerous restaurants, relishing in the Pearl of the Adriatic, as Opatija is known. Find out more about Opatija.

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4. Relive Medival times in “Little Dubrovnik” - Korčula

korcula-romantic-city-getaway-on-the-adriatic.jpgKorčula town

Head to the Island of Korčula and the city with the same name. It’s exactly Korčula that is often called “Little Dubrovnik” owing to the charms it has on its visitors, very much the same if you happen to visit Dubrovnik parallel to exploring Korčula. Both are medieval towns, celebrating the beauty of old buildings and quaint streets. If you choose to enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one, don’t forget to try a bottle of Pošip. It’s a dry wine produced on the island. And because wine drinkers often tell the truth (In vino veritas, remember?), let you be always in the know of how your partner feels for you. Find out more about Korčula.

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5. Walking hand in hand on the Croatian Chinese Wall and recognizing scenes from Hollywood movies and Netflix TV shows

dubrovnik-romatic-city-getaway-on-the-adriatic.jpgDubrovnik Old Town

You thought we’re going to leave out Dubrovnik? No, no way. We just put it last, so that you can get to know some other cities, also notable for their beauty, historical heritage, and cultural attractions. Strolling on the city walls is a remarkable opportunity to inhale the city’s past, witness the sign of times, but also the obstinate character of the city, withstanding every adversity. The medieval wall surrounding the city dates from the 1400s, when it had the function to defend against the Ottoman Turks. Like in Opatija, you’ll have the chance to roam around for an hour and a half and admire red roofs on one side and the open sea on the other side of the wall. Find out more about Dubrovnik.

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