How to choose the perfect Yacht for Charter?

How to choose the perfect Yacht for Charter?

Find out what yacht type suits you the most

There is no better place to charter a yacht or go sailing on holidays than Croatia. The mild Mediterranean climate makes sailing possible year-round, with slightly more favorable conditions from spring to autumn. With over 3000 boats available for charter all over the Adriatic, everyone can find the right vacation at sea.

Among the options available are smaller motorboats, which are ideal for day trips, sailboats, catamarans, luxury motor yachts, classic wooden gulets, and mini cruisers. The choice of the right yacht for charter is influenced by several factors, including the budget, the number of persons, and of course, the rental season.

What types of charters are available?

Bareboat Charter

If you want complete privacy and sailing at your own pace, a private yacht charter is perfect for you. Of course, if you have the necessary experience and adequate licenses, you can charter a bareboat yacht.

Skiperered & Crewed Charter

If you would like to spend a vacation on the sea, but don`t have the necessary licenses or experience, you should rent a yacht with a professional skipper. Of course, if you want a complete service, you can hire a fully crewed yacht, with a hostess and chef.

Cabin Charter

You are planning a cruise at sea, and at the same time, you want to meet new cultures and guests from all over the world, an ideal choice would be cabin charter. Cabin charter is also a more affordable option, as all additional costs, food and drink, fuel, and berths in the ports are included in the price. With cabin charter cruises, sailing routes are fixed and might change only in case of unfavorable weather conditions.

What types of boats and yachts are available for charter?


is ideal for daily cruising. This is a perfect option if you are spending a vacation at a holiday home and want to fulfill days and explore the islands. Motorboats are available for day tours, with or without a professional skipper. As they are pretty fast, you can visit several islands in just one day.

For special occasions, bachelor parties, birthdays, or anniversaries, we can design a custom-made luxurious cruise with a motor yacht.


Sailing yachts

For beginners and experienced sailors, on multi-day vacations with family or friends, the sailboat is always the right choice. We offer a wide selection of sailing yachts, from 30` to 60`, with 2 to 7 cabins.

If you are a beginner or have no experience at all, we suggest hiring a yacht with a professional skipper. To have complete service on the sea, you can hire extra crew members, a hostess/cook, or even a babysitter and yoga instructor.

Sailing yachts are ideal for relaxed, slow-paced island hopping in Croatia.


Motor yachts

For fans of speed and adventurous cruises, motor yachts are the best option. Just like sailboats, motor yachts can be hired with a professional skipper and crew. Usually, bigger yachts are available only with a fixed crew. Motor yachts hire cost is higher in comparison to sailboats, both rental fees, and fuel consumption costs. The advantage is that you can reach more destinations in a short period.



Stability and comfort is the most significant advantage of the catamaran. Most of the catamarans in Croatia are sail catamarans, although, there are power catamarans too.

Large sun deck and lounge areas are ideal for bigger groups and families with kids.

There is a wide selection of catamaran models, from 38` to 77`. Models up to 50` can be chartered as bareboat or with skippers. Bigger models are available only with a fixed crew.



Classic, wooden boat fans will enjoy relaxed cruising along the Adriatic on a gulet. They usually come in versions from 5 to 7 cabins, and the same as sailing catamarans, gulets are ideal for bigger groups. Service is provided with the complete crew, captain, deckhand, and chef, depending on the boat size, there can be even more staff.


Luxury motor sailers

Luxury motor sailers are custom-made yachts, with attention to every single detail.

Comfort, space, elegance, luxury, and dedicated crew – are the synonym for luxury motor sailers in Croatia. They are like luxury hotels, but even better, they are on the sea.


Luxury Motor Yachts

are the perfect combination of cruising performance and the ultimate luxury on the sea!