Choosing the Ideal Catamaran Charter in Croatia - Tips

Choosing the Ideal Catamaran Charter in Croatia - Tips

Your Guide to the Perfect Croatian Catamaran Sailing Adventure

Have you ever envisioned yourself gliding through the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea aboard a luxurious catamaran, soaking in the Mediterranean sun? Your dream awaits you in Croatia, but before you embark on this voyage of a lifetime, let us be your compass, guiding you to choose the perfect catamaran for your sailing adventure.

Navigating Your Needs and Budget

Before setting sail, it’s crucial to chart your course by understanding your desires and financial boundaries. Ask yourself: What type of sailing do you aspire to? How many people will join you on this maritime odyssey? What budget do you have in mind, and are you open to exploring the allure of both new and used vessels? Once you’ve mapped out your criteria, the journey to finding your ideal catamaran becomes smoother than a sea breeze.

Space, space, space

In the realm of luxury catamarans, space reigns supreme. A vessel worth its salt must boast ample room to roam, both above and below deck. Comfort is king, and a superior catamaran ensures that every passenger finds solace in its embrace. With enough space, spending a week with your parents-in-law doesn't have to turn into a nightmare.


The heart of any catamaran is its cabins, where weary travelers find respite after a day at sea. Size matters, but so does the ambiance. Quality sun blocking shades or automatic shower drain may seem like something that does not make a difference, but it really does.

Common Areas

A catamaran’s saloon and galley are the soul of onboard life. During the days of bad weather, the saloon lounge will be your best friend. Another important thing is the kitchen. It will never be like the one you have at home, but a well designed and spacious galley will most surely inspire your creativity.


As you traverse the Adriatic’s azure expanse, seek catamarans that have an upper lounge so you can admire the view. Don't underestimate the importance of having a few different lounge places on the boat. Peace and quiet is sometimes everything we need. Also, remember - easy access to the sea ensures that every moment is an invitation to dive into the unknown.


Fountain Pajot Elba 45 cockpit

Non-Negotiable Standards: Performance and Safety (*for bareboat users)


Navigate with confidence aboard a catamaran renowned for its steadfast stability, even amidst the most tempestuous seas. Choose a model designed to weather the elements, ensuring that your journey remains smooth sailing from start to finish. Adriatic is generally a quiet sea, but sometimes it really does get rough. If you plan to visit the outer islands, take a boat that can take a hit.


Embrace the thrill of the open sea aboard a catamaran that promises exhilarating speeds. Whether chasing sunsets or evading storms, speed is something that always comes handy. Whoever chooses a catamaran over a yacht, chooses a slow over a dynamic life, but that doesn't mean that at certain moments you won't need its speed.

Effortless Handling

Command the waters with ease aboard a catamaran engineered for effortless handling. From intricate maneuvers to seamless docking, trust in a vessel equipped with intuitive controls that empower even the smallest crew to navigate with finesse. Catamaran over 50 feet tend to have thruster engines that make it very easy to dock.

Essential Equipment for Optimum Comfort

(*most boats have it, but if you are bareboating, make sure to check everything works)

Electronic Equipment: Navigate with precision using state-of-the-art GPS, radar, and autopilot systems.

Equipment: Indulge in creature comforts with amenities like air conditioning, heating, and watermakers that ensure your every need is met.

Entertainment Facilities: Immerse yourself in the allure of the Adriatic with audiovisual systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a plethora of water sports equipment.

Safety Equipment: Prioritize peace of mind with essential safety gear, including life rafts, jackets, and first-aid kits, ensuring that your voyage remains as safe as it is spectacular.

Choose Your Catamaran


Lagoon 40: Offering relatively comfortable accommodations with 4 cabins and 4 toilets, perfect for small-sized groups. The Lagoon 40 mostly comes with AC only in the saloon and can get very hot in the summer. Very small and easy to manoeuvre but not very stable in heavy seas. Generally slow.


Lagoon 42: The Lagoon 42 offers a substantial upgrade in spaciousness and comfort from the Lagoon 40. It features design and amenities for a modern and stylish aesthetic. It's likely the best buy for families with a modest budget. It is recommended for full comfort for up to 6 people.


Lagoon 450 (now Lagoon 46): Ample space and comfort suitable for medium to large groups with 4 cabins and 4 toilets. The Lagoon 46 is the most rounded, most sold, and most used catamaran for sailing. Recommended for full comfort for up to 6 people. Relatively stable in the heavy seas.

Fountain Pajot 45: Generous space and comfort catering to medium-sized groups with 4 cabins and 4 toilets. All Fountain Pajot models may have limited availability, including the Fountain Pajot 45. Recommended for full comfort for up to 6 people; max 8 gets a bit cramped on a daily basis.

lagoon-46-catamaran-charter-croatia-guide.jpgLagoon 46 Catamaran


Dufour 48: Expansive living areas, including a spacious flybridge lounge and comfortable front lounge. While versatile with options for customization, it's worth noting that all Dufour models have limited availability. Recommended for full comfort for up to 8 people. Very big and spacious interior. Not easy to manoeuvre but fast.


Catamaran Dufour 48 Nox


Fountain Pajot 50: Exceptional design focused on luxury and comfort, featuring 6 cabins and 6 toilets. The Fountain Pajot 50 impresses with its sleek and modern aesthetic. All Fountain Pajot models may have limited availability. Recommended for full comfort for up to 8 people; max 10-12.

Lagoon 50 (now Lagoon 51): Offering spacious and well-appointed accommodations with 6 cabins and 6 toilets, ideal for medium to large groups. Larger than the Lagoon 46, it's equipped with a generator and watermaker, essential for exploring remote islands. Recommended for full comfort for up to 8 people; max 10-12, but sailing with that many people tends to be a bit exhausting. As Fountain Pajot 50, stable in heavy seas, but a bit difficult to manoeuvre in smaller marinas.

lagoon-51-catamaran-charter-split-croatia.jpgCatamaran Lagoon 51


Lagoon 52: Extensive living spaces including 6 cabins suitable for large groups. While offering premium features and amenities, it's essential to note that the Lagoon 52, like the larger models, may have limited availability. Recommended for full comfort for up to 8 people; max 10-12. With the boat this big, there might be an issue with getting a place in certain villages.


This Rolls Royce among catamarans is bringing a different level in catamaran sailing experience. A mixture between a luxury yacht and a performance catamaran, Sunreef is everything you ever wished for. While offering premium features and amenities, they come with an abundance of different water toys that makes you not want to ever leave the boat.

Your Adventure Awaits

As you set sail into the horizon, let your chosen catamaran be more than a vessel, rather a gateway to a discovery of enchanting Croatian waters. Trust in our expertise to guide you towards the catamaran that embodies your vision of luxury.