TOP 5 mid size catamarans for charter in Croatia

TOP 5 mid size catamarans for charter in Croatia

Embarking on a catamaran charter in Croatia is a dreamy escape that promises the perfect blend of luxury and adventure on the open seas. If you're in search of the ideal mid-size catamaran for your next sailing holiday getaway, look no further. Here, we'll explore the top 5 mid-size catamarans that are not only known for their exceptional design and performance but also cater to those seeking unforgettable charter experiences.

Croatia offers a wide selection of catamarans for charter. All major European brands are represented, including many models ranging from 38-77`. When choosing the ideal catamaran for charter, selecting the model that meets your functionality, equipment, and budget needs is essential. The purpose of this article is to provide recommendations on medium-sized catamarans, 42-46`, which are ideal for sailing with family and friends in Croatia.

Our selection is based on the most common choices and opinions of our clients. Catamaran charters are a great choice if you are new to sailing or sailing with children since they offer comfort and stability.

1. Lagoon 42

The Lagoon 42 is elegant, smoothly designed, and pleasant for sailing. It comes in three and four double-cabin layout versions, plus extra crew cabins in the bow. The three-cabin version has three bathrooms, and the four-cabin version has four heads. Huge windows in the cabins offer excellent illumination and magnificent views of the surroundings.

The U-shaped galley, fully fitted with broad work surfaces and ample storage space, is oriented towards the external cockpit. The attention devoted to detail and the volumes make this new interior a unique and enjoyable living area. You will enjoy your days on the sea preparing gourmet delicacies for your family and friends. Search Lagoon 42 in Croatia here: 4 cabins; Owner version.

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2. Bali Catspace

The BALI CATAMARANS brand strives to create living spaces as wide and open as possible. The Bali Catspace comes in 3 and 4 double cabin layout versions, plus an additional single crew cabin in the bow.

The integral deck, efficient for sailing, allows you to move smoothly around the various spaces, from the aft platform with a bench seat to the forward cockpit with a lounge and sunbathing area. In addition, the full-comfort Flybridge is home to a spacious and safe relaxation area. The helm station is designed for single-handed or short-handed use. Search Bali Catspace in Croatia here: 4 cabins; Owner version


3. Bali 4.6

A common feature for all Bali catamarans is to provide living space inside and outside as wide and comfortable as possible. Bali 4.6 is the successor to the Bali 4.5 model, from which they took the best solutions and features and is ideal for slightly larger groups. This model is available in three layout versions, with three double cabins (owner version), four double cabins, or five cabins (four double and one cabin with bunk beds). In addition, of course, all versions have one or two single crew cabins in the bow.

The fully equipped L-shaped galley has lots of storage space and a sizeable home-type refrigerator. Its position enables easy service of the guests in the aft cockpit and those in the saloon. Search Bali 4.6 in Croatia, here.


4. Lagoon 450 Fly

The Lagoon 450 Fly is one of the most popular models from the Lagoon shipyard. The Lagoon 450 is a superb sailing catamaran. Large enough to provide generous deck, saloon, and cabin space, but also small enough for short-handed use.

The Lagoon 450 saloon is large, with plenty of space for indoor life. "U"-shaped galley provides excellent comfort at sea and is equipped with large hot plates, a broad workspace, and plenty of storage. It can accommodate up to 4 couples in four double ensuite cabins, plus extra crew in the single crew cabins in the bow. Search Lagoon 450 in Croatia, here.


5. Lagoon 46

The Lagoon 46 is a new generation of Lagoon shipyard catamarans. It comes in two layout versions, with three (owner version), four double ensuite cabins, and single crew cabins in the bow.

With its double access, the Flybridge is dedicated to maneuvering and relaxing. The 46 combines modular front and aft cockpits, a complete cooking area at the back, and practical and safe access to the sea.

With high-performance and seaworthy design for short-handed, enjoyable sailing with its elegant lines, unrivaled brightness, and generous, interconnected spaces.

Search Lagoon 46 in Croatia here: 4 cabins; Onwer version.


Choosing the right mid-size catamaran for your charter adventure in Croatia is crucial to ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience on the high seas. Whether you prefer a vessel that prioritizes luxury, performance, or a perfect blend of both, the Lagoon 42, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 46, Bali Catsapce, and Bali 4.6 offers unique features that cater to a variety of preferences.  Of course, there are several more catamarans that we can put into this category, such as Fountain Pajot Elba 45, Astrea 42, Bali 4.4, etc. Whichever catamaran you choose, the promise of an unforgettable charter adventure awaits.