A honeymoon cruise on the Adriatic promises real wonders

A honeymoon cruise on the Adriatic promises real wonders

What newlyweds can experience on a yacht charter in Croatia

Traveling in two can be very challenging for a couple ahead of spending a lifetime together. Let’s imagine that this couple is just about to decide on a honeymoon cruise on the Adriatic. They have been searching for the ideal honeymoon destination that would fit their interests and inclinations.

Honeymoon cruise destinations that match your interest

Let’s say the fresh husband is a huge football fan. He had enough luck that his wife to be wasn’t too much preoccupied with the fact that he had been staying in her flat all the afternoons and evenings on the days the World Cup in Qatar was happening in 2022.

That was a test to their relationship, making them believe that even if they didn’t share the same interests, they can “stand” each other’s silly preferences and loves. The honeymoon sailing on the Adriatic, they thought in advance, wouldn’t be a stumbling block. So, planning for the Adriatic trip could only go down well.


A couple on a catamaran cruising the Adriatic

What speaks in favour of a honeymoon cruise on the Adriatic sea

Croatia plays world-class football

First of all, the husband has a football craze. He has been a fan of the Croatian national team for years, and here’s now an opportunity to visit a nation whose love for sport and football talent has made them world famous. What other country to visit than Croatia? For supporters like him, visiting the Split (Poljud) stadium should certainly be on the bucket list.

But wait, where’s the wife in all this? Her interests do not count?

Larger Croatian coastal cities invite on a shopping spree

Of course, she has also found reasons to accept the decision - she can combine spending time on a yacht sailing the Adriatic with occasional shopping sprees in bigger cities on the Adriatic coast. Split, for example.

And when in Dubrovnik, why not check out the most fashionable places to shop? Buy local Croatian brands and support small businesses, selling everything from natural soaps to delis and homemade spirits.

Great honeymoon cruising destination with mild weather

The weather will be on their side, too. Croatia is a heaven for honeymoon cruisers, as it’s less windy than Greece. In case Greece was an option. They can tank up vitamin D around the island of Hvar, should the weather turn for the worse.

For all those who don’t know, the island of Hvar was for a long-long time considered the sunniest place in the whole of Croatia. What’s the situation today, we can’t surely say, as this fact has been readily emphasized for marketing’s sake.

But what has to be said is that Hvar, a walled fortress city, has the oldest theater on the continent. It has fine beaches, and the first five-star hotel on Hvar (Palace Elisabeth). The island is also known for lavender fields, vineyards, and olive groves. So, sailing to Hvar as your honeymoon yacht destination is a sure thing.

visit-lavander-fields-on-hvar-during-a-honeymoon-sailing-on-adriatic.jpgLavender fields on the island of Hvar

Honeymooners can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine while cruising the Adriatic

Croatian gastronomy is certainly not a thing to be overlooked either.

If the couple likes seafood, then a honeymoon cruise on the Adriatic will make the trip unforgettable. Even if the whole week out on the Adriatic Sea turns out to be terrible, because of bad weather, the food will most definitely compensate for everything.  Why not book a restaurant in Split, which has an entry in the Michelin guide?

Booking a honeymoon cruise on the Adriatic won’t be even that different from sailing on the Italian Riviera, as much of what the Croatian coast has to offer for your palate doesn’t differ considerably from the Italian cuisine. Seashells, shrimps served in “buzara” style, prawns, and octopus with “polenta” or pasta, but made in the Croatian way. 

There won’t be many differences, but the Croatian seaside seen from the deck of our most comfortable yachts will truly be a scene to savour and remember.


Romantic sunset dinner at the seaside

What remains to be decided is whether to book a bareboat, skippered, or fully crewed yacht. The final choice of yacht charter type depends on your boat type preference and budget. We offer a wide range of yacht types; sailboats, catamarans, luxury motor yachts, and gulets. If you need assistance choosing the right boat for you, please feel free to contact us.

Don’t forget about insurance either. There is always the possibility of unwanted and unexpected situations. That’s why you should consider buying insurance prior to your honeymoon cruise.

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This article was written by Tralangia.