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Zadar Archipelago

SailIng from Zadar and around Zadar Archipelago as comprises almost 300 islands. The biggest islands are Pag, Dugi otok, Ugljan, Pašman and island group National Park Kornati. Untouched nature, escape from crowds, amazing bays perfect for swimming and snorkeling, crystal clear sea, traditional cuisine are just part of the experience to expect.

Zadar airport is only 7 km away from Zadar city centre. Several marinas in the area are easily accessible from Zadar airport.

Sailing holidays in Zadar Archipelago you can start from Marina Zadar and D-Marina Borik, both in the city center. Besides them, you can sail out from Marina Dalmacija in Sukošan and Marina Kornati in Biograd which are among the biggest marinas in Croatia.

Sailing from Zadar
Sailing from Zadar

“It must be the most beautiful sunset in the world!” muttered Alfred Hitchcock sipping maraschino on the Zadar waterfront. Many visitors enjoying the epic sunset view in Zadar agree with him. It’s a playground of magnificent colors.

Zadar is a historic old town of Roman ruins, medieval churches and monuments. In its old town which is placed on a peninsula, you will find quality museums, nice and cozy cafes and restaurants.  Zadar is a home to the world’s first Sea Organ that creates its music only by the action of the wind and waves.

World known installation “Greeting to the Sun” comprises 300 hundred multi later glass panels set at the level of stone-paved waterfront, in the form of a circle of 22 meters in diameter. This unique urban installation absorbs sunlight during the day and with the sunset turns on the built-in lighting fixtures and produces a remarkably impressive light game.  Similar, but smaller installations are placed as well on the waterfront and represent other planets of the Solar system.

Island Pag
“Island of Stone”

Location of Island Pag is on 19 NM sailing north from Zadar. The island has an area of 284.56 km² and a population of around 9000 people. With its 303 km long and very indented coastline, Pag island often referred to as “Island of Stone” and “Monscape Island” because of a rocky and rough look.  Strong Bura spreads the sea salt from Velebit Channel across the island and prevents the growth of richer vegetation.

Pag cheese, salt production …

There are two towns on the island, Pag and Novalja, and many smaller villages and tourist places.  Connection of the island Pag to the mainland is by the bridge. Symbols of Pag island are famous Pag cheese, salt production, lace and delicious lamb specialties.

“All explanations are unnecessary and incomplete for Pag Cheese. It’s  created by grass blade among branches and bleating cry of sheep while hiding in February before the „bura“ and licking salt from wind sprinkled vegetation. “  by Anthony Zemljar


The history of the Pag lace, the ”white gold” of the town of Pag, is rich. It is believed to have its roots in Mikena and that it was made in the town of Pag by the end of 15th century. The International lace festival is held every year in June in the town of Pag.  Today Lace tradition is included in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The island of Pag is one of the most attractive islands of the Adriatic. It will offer to its visitors a dose of entertainment and adventure, silence and peace, the gloom of the past and the nightclubs of the future, unusual and quite “ordinary” enjoyment on the kilometers of the beaches. Places you should definitely visit during your yacht holiday include Caska Bay, next to what is probably the most famous party beach in the Adriatic–Zrće, and calmer but beautiful Ručica and Zaglava beaches.

In ACI Marina Šimuni you can find the safe berth.

Sailing around National Park Kornati
Kornati National Park, Croatia on 12 Nm sailing from Zadar

National Park Kornati Islands is known as “nautical paradise”, with its 89 uninhabited islands, islets and reefs on 300 km².  This island group is the most rugged group on the Mediterranean.  High, kilometers long cliffs, rich flora and fauna, attracting sailors and water sportsman from all around the world. Kornati are located 12 NM southwest from Zadar.

The biggest island in the group is island Kornat. Two ACI Marinas, Piškera and Žut are on the island. To NP Kornati belongs south part of  Dugi otok with Nature Park Telašćica and lake Mir.

To sail and enter the National Park Kornati, get a ticket.  Entrance ticket you can buy on a spot in National Park, Online or at  Spots of commission ticket sales. Tickets purchased outside the park’s premises and at the webshop are cheaper than tickets purchased from the receptionists within the park’s premises. More details about restrictions and permissions in National Park please read carefully on NP Kornati web.

The very popular expression for Kornati islands: “On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown His work and thus created Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath”.

Sailing around Dugi otok

One of the most beautiful natural resources of Dugi otok are its beaches and bays. Where ever you turn, you will find a place for a swim. Fascinating blue and clear sea will attract you with its beauty.

Dugi otok translates to “Long Island” because of its 45 km long stretched coast. The most famous natural attraction of the island is Nature Park “Telašćica”  on the southern tip of an island which belongs to National Park Kornati.

Mediterranean mood and spirit you will find in small fisherman villages on the island, Sali, Božava, Zaglav, Mala Rava, Vela Rava, Brbinj, Veli rat… and several more small rarely inhabited.

On the islands, you can find a lot of beaches where you can enjoy loneliness, recreation, and sports, long walks, jogging, swimming, diving…

Beside Nature Park “Telašćica” most known attraction is lighthouse Veli Rat offering a fascinating view on surrounding villages and sea.

Dugi otok and lake Mir