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From now, faster and easier state border crossing

From now, faster and easier state border crossing


How to Travel to Croatia easier and faster after the Coronavirus

To cross the state border and travel to Republic of Croatia faster and easier, we recommend all foreign citizens to register via the website.

As of 28th May 2020. the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia passed a Decision amending the Decision on the temporary ban on crossing the border crossings of the Republic of Croatia.

According to a decision by the Civil Protection Authority, Slovenian, Hungarian, Austrian, Czech, Slovak, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and German citizens can enter Croatia under the same conditions that were valid prior to the outbreak of the corona-virus pandemic.

However, epidemiological checks remain as does the obligation to adhere to general and special recommendations by the Croatian Institute for Public Health.

When citizens of these Member States enter the Republic of Croatia, their entry will be recorded with the collection of additional data (place of destination, mobile phone number and e-mail address), due to the possible need for contact for epidemiological reasons.

In order to reduce congestion at border crossings and shorten the waiting time for crossing the state border, which will be extended compared to border control in recent years due to the collection of additional data, we recommend foreign citizens who intend to stay in Croatia to submit their data via entercroatia.

Also, passengers who submit data in this way, will receive a return confirmation of the received announcement and all the necessary information related to the instructions and recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Passengers who do not submit their data in advance via the above application will be able to do all this at the border crossing when entering the Republic of Croatia, but they will need a longer waiting time in a separate lane.

Other EU/EEA countries

Citizens of other EU/EEA countries can enter Croatia if they meet the following conditions:

  • are guests who have a confirmation of booking accommodation in Croatia
  • own real estate in Croatia (show proof of real estate ownership at the border crossing)
  • own a vessel in Croatia (show proof of ownership of the vessel at the border crossing)
  • go to a funeral in Croatia (show documentation proving it at the border crossing)
  • travel to Croatia on business (show proof of business interest at the border, for example, invitation to a meeting, etc.)
  • all others who have a justifiable reason and cannot document it must send a request to

Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the conditions of entry into the Republic of Croatia

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact Ministry of the Interior using on-line form.