Private tour to Blue Lagoon & Šolta

Private tour to Blue Lagoon & Šolta

A perfect day escape from the city – Private boat tour

How to spend a great day on the sea if you are staying in Trogir or Split area? Pick up a private boat tour to the Blue Lagoon and the island of Šolta.

What to expect? An unforgettable destinations, secret bays, and small, cozy villages on the island of Šolta.

The best time to start the tour is in the morning around 09h. Pick up is in Trogir or Split, or at your location.


Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is well known anchorage between the island of Drvenik Veliki and a small group of islands – Krknjaši. The Blue Lagoon is an amazing snorkeling spot, with crystal clear turquoise water.



Maslinica is a small and the only settlement on the western coast of the island of Šolta. In front of it lies an archipelago of seven islets, making Maslinica one of the most wonderful spots in the Adriatic. The beauty of the surrounding nature is in harmony with the historical, architectural and environmental values of the old castle and picturesque stone houses.


Poganica bay

Poganica bay is hidden, secluded bay on the southern coast of the island of Šolta. This small bay accommodates a beautiful little beach and one house alone. It boasts a gravel beach surrounded by the idyllic, intact nature and aromatic herbs native to the Mediterranean region.

In the bay is an underwater cave, of the same name Poganica. It is located not far from the coast, with a narrow entrance at a depth of eight meters whose vertical channel is about 1.5 meters wide and about 9 meters long falls to a depth of 36 meters, after which it forks underwater labyrinths into galleries to a depth of 59 meters. The cave is very demanding and dangerous, even for the most experienced speleo divers.


Tatinja bay

In the surrounding of untouched nature and crystal clear sea of Tatinja Bay, you will find a true paradise. Tatinja bay is known as an anchorage, which makes it unavoidable destination while sailing on a yacht along the islands of Middle Dalmatia.

What makes this bay so special is possibility to spends a fantastic day or evening, fulfilled with relaxed hanging around while swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the traditional Dalmatian dishes. Lonely Paradise serves traditional Dalmatian cuisine, like “Peka”, fresh fish and prosciutto.


Stračinska bay

The bay hosts a few small rental houses located on the beach – a true turquoise paradise! A few scattered boats, sprinkled like salt over the still water surface in the summer days. If you go left, you will get to the beach Maložalo, while Veložalo is on the right. The bay also has a small, hidden, white-pebble beach with an interesting name “Di dida pere guzicu” (“Where Grandpa Washes His Bottom”).

The sea is incredibly translucent and clear, offering a stunning view of the island of Vis from in-between the two bays.


Return to Trogir / Split around 18h