COVID 19 – Yacht charter 2022. Payment & Cancellation Terms

COVID 19 – Yacht charter 2022. Payment & Cancellation Terms

To protect our clients and provide booking security, in case of impossibility of coming to Croatia due to COVID 19, most charter Yachts offer Vouchers or Credit Notes in the case of:

  • Croatia or reservation holder residence country borders are officially closed
  • Mandatory quarantine of minimally 7 days is imposed on clients after returning from Croatia, regardless of Covid-19 test (PCR) results.
  • Boating or non-essential travel to embarkation area is formally prohibited, in reservation holder residence country

The Client should provide an authentic document (proof) for force majeure reasons for cancellation. Then, depending on availability, vouchers can be used for the same or similar boat. New charter period and price will be agreed subsequently and by mutual agreement accordingly to the Vendor's prices and discounts that are valid at the moment of the Client's intention for re-booking. In case of the price difference between canceled charter period, for which is voucher issued and re-booked charter period, such differences should be covered by the Client.

The charter company is not entitled to issue a voucher if one of the following conditions occur:

  • The obligation of a Covid-19 test (PCR) before the entrance to Croatia
  • The obligation of a Covid-19 test (PCR) after visiting Croatia
  • Quarantine that can be avoided after presenting Covid-19 test (PCR) results
  • Transportation disruptions from reservation holder country to Croatia or vice-versa

We strongly recommend arranging trip cancellation insurance. You can get one with Yacht Pool or EIS.  

FLEX Payment

For 2022. bookings, most yacht charter companies in Croatia now offer flexible payment terms. The amount needed to confirm the booking is reduced to 20% to 30% of the charter price. The balance is to be received 4 weeks before the charter.

FLEX cancellation packages

In addition to the Vouchers and Credit notes option, some yacht charter fleet operators offer "FLEX "packages enabling full refund if you cannot come due to COVID-19 measures. By paying this additional "FLEX fee, "you can cancel your booking for whatever reason and receive back a full refund.

Please NOTE:  each yacht has its particular cancellation terms and conditions. We will be happy to provide and discuss specific details of each yacht's policy. It is essential that you are acquainted with the exact terms and conditions of that particular yacht you want to reserve.

Safety and Health Procedures

Yacht charter companies and marinas have implemented the highest level concerning the hygiene standard.  All yachts are completely disinfected after cleaning and ventilated before the new guest's arrival.

Social distancing and protective measures in the charter base, during check-in and check-out, are in force. Only one person from the whole crew should enter the base office and do the check-in/out procedure. It is most important to protect the guests and yacht charter base employees' health. 

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