Biokovo Nature Park

Biokovo Nature Park

The mountain with roots in the sea, and forehead in the clouds

Biokovo Nature Park

Due to its unique location, geomorphology and biodiversity Biokovo was proclaimed a Nature Park in 1981. Its highest peak St. Jure is also the third highest peak in Croatia, 1762 meters, with an average annual temperature of 4°C and snow covering the ground for most of the year; it is also one of the coldest points in Croatia.

The park’s main entrance is located in the hinterland of Podgora, a small coastal place located south of Makarska. It’s easy to find the entrance and approach the park by car.

The park can be visited either by car, bike, motorcycle, hiking, or on foot. The most common way of the visit is by car since the Biokovo Road is 23 kilometers long.


How to reach the Park?

The main road entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park can be reached from several directions:

  • From the direction of Makarska: visitors should leave the Adriatic Highway by turning left (at the exit from Makarska), and then proceed to the Makarska – Vrgorac state road (distance: 6 kilometers)
  • From the direction of Dubrovnik: visitors should take the Adriatic Highway to the intersection at the entrance to Makarska, and then turn right to the Makarska – Vrgorac state road (distance: 151 kilometers
  • From the direction of Vrgorac: visitors should take the Vrgorac – Makarska state road (distance: 35 kilometers)

If you plan to go by car, be aware that Biokovo Road is a single-line road, requiring good driving skills. Make sure your vehicle is in good service condition. You will be mostly driving in the first or second gear.
Fill the fuel tank before arriving at the park. Be aware that the asphalt is cracked in many places making the road unsuitable for sports cars with lowered suspension.

Cars are let into the park in groups every hour. You might have to wait a bit at the entrance to the park, up to an hour. The entrance fee is 50 Kn per person. More info about working hours and their services are available on the official website of Biokovo Nature Park.


The main entrance to the Park


Viewpoint "Skywalk Biokovo"

The most famous attraction of Biokovo Nature Park is the Skywalk. It’s a glass promenade located on the 13th kilometer of Biokovo Road. The promenade is around 25 meters long. Besides the fantastic experience of walking on the glass, it features a magnificent view of Makarska Riviera and the islands of Central Dalmatia (Hvar, Brač, Korčula). When the sky is clear, the contours of the Italian coast are visible.



If you feel uncomfortable, don`t look down! :)


The view on the islands of Hvar and Korčula