Let`s sail into the Autumn

Let`s sail into the Autumn

One of the most beautiful seasons for sailing in Croatia is certainly the Autumn. Favorable weather conditions, less crowds at sea and marinas, better price deals make it ideal time for a great vacation with family or friends.

September and October are characterized by excellent weather conditions that generally attract more experienced boaters. For all those who want to enjoy the relaxing island atmosphere this is the best time for sailing vacation.

The pleasant temperature of the air and the sea makes it possible to enjoy all the pleasures of the sea. You can still enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving or any other water sport activity.


Off-season charter rates and marinas are another reason why autumn is ideal for sailing in Croatia. Charter prices are much lower. You will pay for a newer charter boat up to 2/3 less than the high season price, especially when we talk about catamaran charter. The prices are being slightly higher in September than in October. If you prefer to book new/er boat this is a great time for chartering as you can book the best and most suitable deal.

Since that there are fewer visitors to the islands and restaurants at this time, it will be quicker to secure a dinner table.

One of the bigger benefits of autumn sailing in Croatia is that you can find a place in the marinas more easily if you haven`t reserved it in advance. In any case, we recommend that you book a berth in the most visited marinas. For berth booking in marinas you can use Porthop - Berth Booking System.

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