Private yacht charter – Safe holiday after the lockdown

Private yacht charter – Safe holiday after the lockdown

The world stopped for a while; travel and movement were put aside. As the lockdown begins to loose, we will slowly return to our daily routine, of course, with further measures of keeping the distance. We will have to change our habits for a while, but we shall never stop dreaming.

Thanks to the appropriate response of the Croatian civilian headquarters and efforts to combat Coronavirus, we now have a very good epidemiological picture in Croatia.

Slowly, the lockdown is getting loose, green markets are already open, during May, public transportation, bars, restaurants, and shops shall be reopened. As announced from the Croatian Government sources, they are planning initially to open the borders to guests traveling by car. The date is still unknown as the situation changes on a daily basis. News and update for Croatia you can follow on the Official Government Website for accurate and verified information on Coronavirus.

After the lockdown period, we will all need a RESET. The best way to reset is to get into the nature surrounding, on a sailing yacht, in a campsite or holiday home. This way, you can keep the distance, stay safe, and enjoy all the benefits from the natural environment.

There are countless opportunities and activities to spend quality time in nature. Some of them are cycling, kayaking, hiking, diving, snorkeling, surfing. This time is ideal for learning new things, and at the same time, increase the body’s resistance by doing physical activities.

The fact is that lockdown will have negative consequences for economies. However, it also has positive effects. Above all, on the cleanliness of the air, and the recovery of flora and fauna.


As mentioned earlier, one of the safest forms of holiday at this time is private yacht charter and sailing. All necessary epidemiological conditions for a safe stay can be provided on board.

Why is a private yacht charter the safest way to spend holidays:

  • you can stay in smaller, immaculately-clean environments, while minimizing the need to frequent public areas where risks naturally increase
  • new hygiene regimes protocols to ensure the health and safety of both charter guests and their crews
  • Food and beverage delivery, nobody need step on board the yacht as deliveries are left on the quay and loaded by the crew or guests
  • possibility of ordering food from the restaurant, if professional crew not hired

Fleet operators are offering flexible payment terms, 10-25% down payment, and balance 30 -15 days before charter, but also possibility to reschedule the charter in case of prolonged travel restrictions.

Get on board, relax in secluded bays on the islands, experience, and learn new activities. Enjoy life again!