15 Reasons to hire a skipper while sailing in Croatia

15 Reasons to hire a skipper while sailing in Croatia

15 Reasons why to hire a skipper while sailing in Croatia

You can never fully immerse in some things without a guide, neither understand nor fully appreciate. Sailing is one of them. It is hard to admit, but having a local while exploring a vast unknown island region is crucial in many ways.


Here are 15 reasons why you should hire a skipper for your sailing trip, regardless of how good sailor you think you are.

1. Save yourself from online experts! 
The skipper knows the islands as his own backyard - better and way deeper than any "enlightening" TripAdvisor post. If you allow him to guide you through the jungle of options and possibilities, your trip will be taken to the next level.

2. Save yourself from scams! 
The skipper will help you avoid all tourist traps while getting the best possible deals wherever you go. Overpaying for things or spending time on a staged "local wonder of the world" can be frustrating. 

3. Save your nerves! 
A child can navigate a boat on an open sea. But what about parking it in a tight spot of a packed marina with 25kts of side wind? It occurs more often than you think and is a challenging task even for the most experienced captains. 

4. Save your security deposit! 
Any potential damage may be an expensive and unnecessary hit to your budget. Skipper is fully responsible for anything that happens to the boat. Isn't a worry-free vacation the only proper vacation?

5. Save your time! 
Planning an adequate sailing route, finding turquoise swimming spots, or a lonely overnight stop can become a nightmare during the high season. Skipper has a weather forecast in his pocket and knows all uncharted micro-locations and how to avoid their dangers. 

6. Save yourself from forgetfulness! 
Organizing a last-minute birthday dinner, romantic anniversary gift, or surprise massage may prove impossible without a skipper and his connections. Roses, cake, taking care of your children for a few crucial hours - everything is on the plate.

7. Save your relationships! 
Spending a week with your loved ones in a 150m2 (1500 sq.ft.) may prove to be more challenging than you think. Skipper often serves as a bridge between the participants on a cruise. The fine balance buffer provided by a presence of a third non-biased person is often the only thing missing for a perfect vacation with your mother-in-law.

8. Save yourself from parenting! 
Kids can be impossible to deal with, even behind the closed doors of a family home. Your soft holiday approach is something that most of them take advantage of. A strong captain figure can be a great way to control things and make them safe during the sailing trip. The same goes for drunken adults.

9. Save your dreams! 
Having the desire to spend a night docked on a fancy quay in the world-famous town of Hvar? As you know, there is no better place in Croatia to see and be seen while having a sunset cocktail on the deck. This is practically impossible to organize without skipper connections! Don't be a bystander in this romantic Mediterranean movie - be an actor.

10. Save yourself from fear!
In case of a sudden storm, finding a last-minute spot in a well-protected port can be very difficult. Not with a skipper! His job is to make your sailing experience as smooth as possible.

11. Save your leisure hours!
Croatia has the largest charter fleet in the world. In other words, if you want to get an overnight berth in one of the famous towns, you will have to be there by 1 pm latest. Yes - you lose almost half a day of swimming and sunbathing. Skipper can make the spot waiting for you until late afternoon.

12. Save yourself from extensive research!
Spending a week with a local will do wonders for broadening your knowledge of Croatian tradition, history and culture while understanding local people and their slow-paced life.
13. Save yourself from mediocrity!
Dining in hidden-gem restaurants can make a great difference in your overall experience. Getting a place in them sometimes takes reservation weeks in advance. An experienced skipper tends to have a secure spot in most of them.

14. Save yourself from predictability!
A significant portion of skippers has a unique set of skills that can make your trip take a spontaneous turn in an unknown way. Some are competitive sailors that will show you the adrenaline of proper wind sailing; others know how to play the guitar and sing, making your dinner under the stars special, while some can dive and do spearfishing which may elevate your dining experience to an unimaginable level.

15. Save your curses!
Refueling is by far the most stressful part of a sailing trip. On those chaotic Friday afternoons, while random skippers are jumping in a seemingly endless line of boats, it takes hours to refuel. The skipper knows how to elegantly avoid these, preventing you to fly home with a bitter aftertaste.

Our search engine will display available yachts once you decide on the destination, yacht type, and charter period. You can add the skipper service to your yacht reservation from the available extras/services list.  You can charter any type of yacht with a professional skipper: sailing yacht, catamaran, or motor yacht from any location in Croatia. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with choosing the best yacht for your needs.