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Crewed yacht charter

Crewed Yacht Charter in Croatia is a perfect way of spending sailing holidays!

Are you keen to be complete relax, spoiled and treated like a king during your sailing holidays?

As a professional crew in Croatia, we can hire skipper, host/ess, chef and deckhand. You can hire an entire crew or just one, depending on your wishes and needs. Some boats and yachts are with the fixed crew are in the most cases permanent crew on the yacht.

Large choice of sailboats, catamarans, motor boats and yachts and gullets are available for rental and charter in Croatia. From Istria and Kvarner, across Dalmatia, all way to Dubrovnik.


Skipper’s primary duty is to ensure the safety of the guests/crew and vessel. He also introduces you with safety and sailing basics. Skipper is to plan the route itinerary. He also follows and is up to date with the weather forecast. The skipper will offer you route suggestions and acquaint you about the places you are visiting. You can coordinate with a skipper and share if you would like to visit specific places. This way guarantees the best sailing route.


Host/ess will take care of the interior cleanliness and tidiness of the yacht. They also help and assist with food and beverages. They prepare breakfast and simple lunch meals. If a yacht is chartered only with a skipper, host/ess will give a hand to skipper with mooring lines and fenders. Host/ess is there for you to answer your questions. They help you to organize activities and inform you about the current events.


Chef duties are to provide excellence in food choice and service. The chef is responsible for planning the food menu, groceries provision and preparing the meals. To offer top quality and preferred meals, it is necessary to inform the chef before charter about your food preference, especially if anyone has any kind of food intolerance or allergies. All our chefs are professionals and have knowledge of pairing food and wines.

Before your departure, you will receive a Provision list. The list will be sent to the Chef and the Hostess. They will arrange and deliver ordered Groceries and Beverages on the yacht. This way you will save time on the check-in day and as soon as the boat is ready and cleaned you can sail out. To deliver Provision list on time is important how delicate groceries such as fish and meat can be ordered on time.

Find your perfect crewed yacht charter in Croatia with us!