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Šibenik archipelago

Sailing in Šibenik Archipelago

Šibenik Archipelago consists of nearly 250 islands, islets, reefs, and cliffs over the area of about 160 km2. Only six islands have permanent inhabitants. Small fisherman villages on the islands are a reminder of the Mediterranean as it once was. This sailing area attracts all those in search of tranquility and beautiful untouched nature.

Bigger islands in this group are Zlarin, Žirje, Prvić, Kaprije, Krapanj, Murter. Unavoidable places to visit on the coastline are Vodice, Skradin, Primošten…and for sure one of the most significant treasures and attractions of Croatia, the world-known National Park Krka.

Šibenik is reccemendable start point for a sailing holiday in Croatia. Vicinity of the motorway and two international airports Zadar and Split. Top brand sailing yachts, catamarans, and motorboats are available for a charter in Šibenik marinas.


Šibenik is a city of culture and rich history, lying in the picturesque and wide bay on the sunken estuary of the river Krka.

Three medieval fortresses surround the city on the land and one on the sea. Once, the fortifications protected the city from the attacks, and today they provide a spectacular view of the town and its surroundings. Fortress St Michael’s and Šubićevac, known as Barone, are entirely reconstructed. On St. Michael’s fortress and its magnificent open-air stage with 1,077 seats, musical and theatrical spectacles take place during summer. St John’s fortress played the role of an attractive historical backdrop for scenes from the series Game of Thrones filmed in September 2014. 

St. Nicholas fortress was built in the 16th century at the entrance to St. Ante canal for defense against attacks from the sea. On all sides, the sea surrounds it. Only a very narrow path linked it with the mainland.

The most known and essential monument of European architecture is the Cathedral of St. James from the 15th and 16th centuries. The Cathedral is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the only such building in Europe made only out of stone.

International Children’s festival takes to please every summer in Šibenik and attracts visitors from all around the world.

The city is proud of its rich gastronomy and enology offer. Restaurant “Pelegrini”, at the heart of the historic core, has awarded Michelin stars.

D-Marin Mandalina holds 429 sea berths, of which 79 designed for superyachts. It is one of the safest marinas for its naturally protected location.

Zlarin island

The location of Zlarin island is only 4 NM off the coastline and city of Šibenik. This little island in the Sibenik archipelago offers the most beautiful pristine nature, beautiful beaches, and rich underwater world. It has a population of less than 300, and it`s a car-free island. Natural protection from winds attracts seafarers to the island.

Some theories connect its name Zlarin with a great richness that the inhabitants gained through the coral. Knowledge and tradition of coral hunt and harvesting transmit from generation to generation, without written records. Zlarin people were the only known coral hunters since 1412.

Zlarin is a small island but with rich history and tradition.

Obonjan island

Discover the hidden treasure of the Adriatic. The crystal of the Adriatic Sea immerses its natural beauty. The private island of Obonjan is the perfect place of your dreams.

Obonjan island locates 2 NM west of the Zlarin Island. Recommendation for anyone looking for a perfect getaway. What you can expect are performances of renowned DJs, massages, swimming pools, yoga classes, workshops, water sports, and incredible restaurants and bars. 


Žirje island

 Is the largest, most remote permanently inhabited island in Šibenik Archipelago. 12 NM NW from Šibenik, with an area of 15.08 km² and a population of nearly 100.

Žirje is unique for its numerous coves and a long coastline of 39.2 kilometers, with many beautiful islet in the surrounding.  The coast of Žirje is well indented, with numerous smaller and bigger inlets that serve as a boat shelter, Mala and Velika Stupica, Tratinska, Muna, etc.

In the central area of the island is a vast and fertile field, while the village Žirje is on the northeastern part.

From ancient times, the inhabitants of Žirje have been involved in agriculture. They grow wine grapes, olives, figs, and vegetables, and also a popular sort of green plum. Fishing is playing an essential role in life people from Žirje, the sea around the island abounds in fish.

In this oasis of peace and tranquility, you will find crystal clear, enchanting refreshing and relaxing sea.

Prvić island

Less than 4 NM away from Šibenik and less than 1 NM from Vodice, Prvić is the closest to shore among Šibenik archipelago islands. Relatively small, with 2.37 km2 and a population of 400, Prvić is among the most densely populated islands on Adriatic. Same as on island Žirje, there is not a single car on the island, except one fire truck. 

Two small idyllic fisherman villages are on the island, Prvić Luka and Šepurine.

In Prvić Luka you can visit a Memorial Centre Faust Vrančić, a man whom the world today mostly remembers as the inventor of Homo Volans – the flying man, also known as the parachute, but he was a lot more. 

The whole island is under protecting the Croatian Ministry of Culture since the island is a cultural heritage.

For anyone looking for a corner of peace, visiting Prvić would be a great choice. 

Kaprije island

The location of Kaprije islands is 8 NM SW from Šibenik, in the middle area of Šibenik archipelago with a population of nearly 150people and the surface of 7.11 km2. 

With location far from the crowds, the spirit of the Mediterranean devours the island. 

The only settlement is village Kaprije on the west side of the island. Just like most of the islands in Šibenik archipelago, Kaprije is as well car-free.

Krapanj island

Krapanj is the smallest inhabited island on the Adriatic sea, covering the surface of only 0,36 km2 and located only 300 m offshore from village Brodarica, near Šibenik. The island of Krapanj is the lowest island on Adriatic with the highest altitude of 1.25 m above the sea level. Like many other Dalmatian sites, Krapanj is famous for its stone houses and narrow streets. 

The tradition of sponge harvesting and processing nurtures the island of Krapanj for 300 years. The Adriatic Sea sponge is precious for its quality and beauty. 

In front of the hotel, Spongiola is a jetty with 25 berths with water and electricity. If you would like to take the first scuba diving lessons or if you already have the experience, the hotel offers diving services.

Ideal nature and silence will surely help you charge your batteries.

Murter island

The island of Murter is the largest and the nearest to the mainland in Šibenik archipelago, 11 NM N from Šibenik. Narrow Murter Canal separates it from the shore, over which was built 12 m long mobile bridge in place Tisno. Murter covers the surface of 18.7 km2 and has a population of over 5000 people. Murter considers being the entrance into National Park Kornati. 

Symbol of the island is wooden shipbuilding with a shipyard in place Betina. Wooden shipbuilding tradition lasts for over 400 years. Betina situates on the northeastern coast of the island. Beside Betina, more significant settlements on the island are Murter, Tisno, and Jezera. All these unique places characterize beautiful beaches in the surrounding stone houses and streets, wide squares that become centers of events in the summer months. 

On the island there are 3 nautical marinas, ACI Marina Jezera, Marina Betin, and Marina Hramina.

Skradin & National Park Krka

Skradin is the picturesque, charming little town at the entrance to the National Park Krka Waterfalls, 8 NM from Šibenik. Besides historical sights, this city is famous for its excellent gastronomic offer and top quality Dalmatian wines.

Once you come to Skradin, the visit to the nearby National Park Krka is a must. River Krka is one of the most beautiful karst rivers in Europe. The most known and visited areas of Krka National Park are Skradinski buk and Roški slap. Skradinski Buk is one of Croatia’s best known natural beauties, made up of travertine cascades, islands, and lakesNature lovers and fans of hiking can reach the Skradinski Buk along an 875 m trail from the Lozovac entrance or Skradin, along a 4 km trail that is also a bicycle path. You can take excursions by boat from Skradinski Buk to Visovac Island and Roški slap waterfall. 

Besides visit to NP Krka, while you are on your sailing holidays, we arrange organized daily trips from Split and Trogir to the park. Check out our regular Krka Waterfalls program and schedule, and feel free to contact us for more details. We can arrange as well private road and boat trip from Split and Trogir area.

ACI Marina Skradin is one of the most beautiful marinas on the Adriatic Sea and in Croatia. Disposing of with 180 berths marina is open all year round.


Primošten is a small town on the coastline between Šibenik and Split. The old settlement is on a small island surrounded by city walls, which stand there even today. During the 16th century was built the embankment and island became a peninsula.  Narrow, stone-paved streets between old stone houses lead to the top of the hill, from which spreads a beautiful view on the open sea and the surrounding.

Primošten is famous for its pebble beaches and shallow, crystal clear sea. Stone walls and vineyards are a symbol of this region and the persistence of the local population to survive in the crumbling nature.

On the peninsula is a city port with the jetty, water and electricity facilities. Mooring buoys are in front of the city port.

Just a few miles south from Primošten is Marina Kremik, in a picturesque bay surrounded by centuries-old vineyards of the famous wine “Babić”.