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Expected costs when chartering a yacht

yacht charter holidays in Croatia
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To make a good budget plan for your sailing vacation in Croatia, you need to count on a few important points which have to be included. Please read below the estimation  – expected costs when chartering a yacht in Croatia. 

Yacht charter rates in Croatia depend on a few factors:

  • Yacht charter period and season
  • Boat age
  • Yacht (boat) size
  • Boat model and equipment
Budget plan for sailing holiday in Croatia

When planning your budget for a sailing holiday in Croatia, besides the costs that you pay directly to the charter company for the boat, the crew ( if hired), final cleaning/transit log or comfort package and tourist tax, you shall count on costs on the way, which are:

Fuel consumption

This cost depends on the boat model/engine, normally smaller boats consume less fuel compared to bigger sailing boats and catamarans, especially if they are equipped with a generator. Approximate fuel costs:

    • Sailboats up to 45` 150 -200 €/week 
    • Sailboats above 50` 200-350 €/week
    • Catamarans up to 45` 300 -400 €/week
    • Catamarans above 45` 500 € -1000 €/week

Mooring fees

Depend on the size of the boat, sailing period and location, but you can choose between following mooring options: a berth in the marina, a berth in the city ports on a jetty, mooring buoy

    • a berth in the marinas for mono-hulls 50-200 €/day, for catamarans, is usually +50%
    • a berth in the city ports for mono-hulls 50-80 €/day, for catamarans …..
    • mooring buoy appx. 20-60 € / day
    • anchoring in Croatia is free, except in few places where you will be charged

Food and drinks

Are you planning to eat breakfast and lunch onboard? For dinner you can count on the cost of 30-50€/person, of course, this can be far more expensive if you will enjoy your meals in fine dining restaurants. Food any drinks you can order in advance to be delivered on the boat, or you can do the provision by yourself on your arrival in the nearby supermarkets. 

We suggest buying water and drinks for the whole week and food for the first two days ( this is the minimum you should have onboard). For the rest of the week, you can buy fresh products on the islands. If you have hired crew you need to ensure they have 3 meals a day, and at least one should be cooked meal ( on the boat, in a restaurant or you can pay them extra for food 30 €/ day/ crew member). 

If you are chartering crewed yacht and paying APA ( Advance Provision Allowance), all of the mentioned costs are covered from the APA.

Hopefully, this shortlisting will help you calculate approximately expected costs when chartering a yacht in Croatia. In case you need more details and information please feel free to contact us.

For prices in ACI Marinas, you can check directly on their web pages.