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Bareboat yacht charter Croatia

To charter, a bareboat yacht in Croatia skipper must pose sailing and navigational experience adequate to the boat size. It is necessary to have a skipper qualification.

Beside skipper qualification, obligatory is VHF license. VHF license can have as well one of the crew members, unnecessary a skipper.

To check your license validity you can send us your license scan by email or check the Recognized certificates for operating boats and yachts issued by the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs.

In Croatia is possible to charter bareboat yacht mono hulls even up to 65` and catamarans up to 52`, but not all of them since some yachts are available only with the professional skipper.

For most of the catamarans above 45` is necessary for the skipper to have a license, which is equal to Yacht Master up to 100 BT and one crew member with basic skipper qualifications.

When chartering a bareboat you are taking full responsibility as a skipper for yourself, your crew and the boat.

Before sailing out we recommend you to plan your sailing itinerary and do the grocery shopping. On all the inhabited islands you will find markets and shops. Therefore, you don`t need to buy groceries in advance for the whole week.

Several useful route suggestions you can check here Sailing routes suggestions

Croatian Adriatic is easy to sail. Distance between the nearest islands is usually an hour or two. If you are not ready for long-distance sailing, to charter a bareboat in Croatia is a perfect choice for you.